Thursday, 2 October 2014

CYCA abuse cover-up

copy of email to: Tracy Pike (ceo of CYCA) 4.10.14
Due to that I was fatigued by the duration of our meeting last week, I overlooked something you said at the time however it has stuck in my mind and I intend to rectify a misperception. You suggested that I start my own mans group which I am too busy to do and why would I not simply join an existing one, not that there are many. You also mentioned that the majority of men involved in mens groups are criminals. I would like to tell you my experience of the Dads Club that operates across several of the local Family Centers. In five years I have met one man who is an ex-con and a over dozen who are not. One of the ones who is not is now a council member for the county. I am hoping that you will take on board my experiences of this and please stop telling people that men involved in mens groups are all criminals. It is not only false information it is also prejudiced against men, because many men such as myself and many women also are frightened off from mens groups by such rumor spreading. Thank you.

Her reply not posted due to Data Protection Act (I do not have written consent to make it public)

copy of email to: Tracy Pike (ceo of CYCA) 4.10.14

I forgive you for misinterpreting my previous email as hostile, it was intended as informational.
I forgive you for apparently playing mind games to cover up CYCA ineptitude and misconduct.
I forgive you for justifying the gender abuse of me by one of your staff as a strategy.
I am sure you are aware that in the real world, it should not have taken several months for me to express something that takes literally five minutes, provided the speaker is listened to.
I forgive you for being entangled in a situation we all feel powerless to change, of an extremist / terrorist philosophy having infiltrated British system infrastructure under the guise of feminism. I will not forgive you if you are an active member of Female Supremacy Movement, although I understand the temptation is continual and that the way CYCA has treated me is an example to be used as living proof of the reality that it exists.
I retract my previous statement regarding consent to interfere with my financial situation.
You do not have consent to interfere with my financial situation.
I would rather forgo a chance to retrieve over one thousand british pounds owed to me than to have anything else to do with CYCA.
Life is too valuable to waste on that level of bullshit.

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on the basis that they are taking the piss.

The justification given by Tracy Pike CEO of CYCA as to why her opinion is that the actions of her staff member Julie was not misconduct, is that Julie by being mysandrist toward me and ignoring the points I was attempting to raise even where those points were in answer to her questions, is a method employed by CYCA by which the subjects of family mediation are analysed to determine the dynamic between them. Tracy did not justify as to why when I complained about this situation she ended the sessions and that it has taken months to explain to me that what I recognised to be abuse is to their way of thinking a legitimate technique. I am reminded of parents who cause physical abuse to their children by way of smacking them when they have been naughty; of course the mental and emotional scars left by psychological and emotional abuse toward adults is irrelevant because adults are expected to be hardened to it, especially males. Tracy suggested that I start a course of 1-1 counselling with her organisation, which I declined on the basis that my previous interviews with counsellors of two different counties, to see if I need counselling or not, has unilaterally resulted in my being told that I do not need counselling. Also I do not trust CYCA’s techniques. I personally believe them to be abusive, and I am an unwilling victim of the abuse network operating in CYCA.

I am taking this much further to see how far up the chain the abuse network extends. Those who sweep it under the carpet and those who take this complaint as seriously as it needs to be taken will expose themselves by their actions. This is in the public domain; I am sending copies of this to many different departments to gain as much attention about it as possible, including the town council, county council, police and media organisations as well as various support groups such as Fathers For Justice.

The reason why I have had dealing with CYCA is because after my son complained that the bruising on his legs is where his mother had hit him, social services informed me that I should take her to court but advised me that if I was to do so, they would make a statement that I had pushed my son into saying it, which is clearly not the case; as is possible because I made an audio recording which clearly shows that I did not in any way prompt my son into saying it.

Many state workers are afraid of audio recordings, despite the technology being at hand in our ubiquitous mobile phones. I have researched the legality of audio recordings. The courts can and do accept them as evidence. Secret recordings can be made if necessary to expose abuse, where the abuse thus exposed is regarded by a judge to be a worse crime than is making an illegal recording. Recordings can also be made secretly if for the purposes of requiring clarity at a later date for example if one of the people involved in a meeting being recorded, has been mentally impaired. The use of such strategies as those by CYCA are designed to impair people in such a way.

I did not record any of CYCA because they expressly told me that they would immediately leave the meeting if I were to do so. To which my response is always going to be that if you are innocent you have no fear of being recorded anyway, since a recording will prove your innocence.

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