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I need some mathematicians to work on this please

“Trouble Always Comes In Threes"

9.11.2001 - two towers (and building 3) of world trade centre usa blown up in false flag scenario

12.3.2011- two reactors at fukishima japan explode leaking plutonium

all these numbers add up

12-3 = 9 / 11

      day             month         year               sequence
 A   9,                1+1 = 2,      2+1 = 3,        923
 B   1+2 = 3,      3,                2+1+1 = 4,    334

d    9/3
m   2/3
y    3/4

What is the next number(s) in this series?
Was there a preceding event on the date derived from backtracking these numbers?

2001 to 2011 is a ten year interval, give or take several months

The questions:
What is the precise number of years, days, months between the 2 incidents?

We rate trying to establish 2 new dates from the figures given; a date preceding and a date following.

There is a chance that it is more or less 10 years apart, but more likely is that the event is on a curve; like with a fibonacci series. This is called a trajectory curve, a grid which when super-imposed on the calendar grid can pinpoint the trajectory of all events utilising the same symbolism, here we have cataclysm, the twin explosions, and because of building 3 at WTC and assuming a similar equivalent at fukishima, those three components are enough to create a grid.

Eventually I can figure it out by number crunching but right now I have not slept all night and am sharing my notes and thoughts about it with the public before i focus on doing the cursive to pinpoint both preceding date and following date. Help is much appreciated.

did something happen on 1.4.2012 ? (the C date) ?
IF that is the correct cursive.

kul wahad! this is a kickstarter: 9.5.2012 (955)

not the same date but we do have:
1+4 = 5 / 2+1+2 = 5 = 55
which signifies it is related numerically (all those 11's become 55’s)

also A d9 and B d12 gives C d15 thats a clue
it also makes 3 x 15 which is

and given the uprise in troubles and paranoia with Islamic extremists ISIS movement, the burning of Q'ran is symbolism for the bombing of Mecca…

1515 ISIS

is number though, squeeze them about in any shape and you can get them to do whatever you want them to show. Need to refine that correlation between A date and B date by month to get a more precise C date.

EDIT: Additional observation:

not timed on purpose, as in uk it is 11am precisely
see for yourself

Of further and related interest: timecode-node-event-1616022016

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