Sunday, 26 October 2014


> Following naturally on from …
> Connected with the ...
> Progressing naturally from ...

… choosing an appropriate prefix inter-duction to the …

… [theme and point of this blog] ...

… from the T-2014 pop-up digital-scroll HUD-menu retinal-interface


   This Is This *

… leads us [nicely] into ...

Back To Back

BTB episode 1

Presenting two tracks for your musical entrainment

1 snakeappletree (River Severn Underground) / Streets (featuring Missy K)
from "cybergothic" album: original title; 'cg streets, black kat remix'
(it now makes sense that 'cg' also stands for 'control games')

2 the Red Shark Sound System (Newport&Bristol Jazzstep) / Control Games

* the theme of 'This Is This' is timely and ironic given that yesterdays blog 'WTF3' was about 15-ISIS: th-IS IS th-IS. The prefix given here 'th' relates directly to the Egyptian concept of Thoth, the scribe, the word means 'to know'.

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