Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Socio-Economic foundations

Socio-Economic Foundations

Two of my cousins are international barristers.
My sons mother is a syndicate gangster.
I bridge the gap between castes.

I am a lifelong student of Taoism. 
I have a qualification in Counseling.
I have a degree in Fine Art.
In Fine Art circles I would rephrase that;
I have a degree in The Fine Arts
which is a different bias.

I need to be able to adjust my speech depending on which group I am communicating with.
As an author I find this to be a useful situation for enhancing my understanding and ability to use language.

I was raised by middle-class parents, both of whom were college lecturers in the creative arts; my father ran the whole department.
I regard myself to be middle class.

There is a class divide in Britain.
As a basic analysis, there are 8 aspects of it,
not all of which is hierarchic tier-based:

Ruling class (governmental families and Judges)
Upper class (moneyed society, Law society, big business)
Middle class (academic based)
Lower class (working class, chav culture)
Street class (criminal and destitute)
Police families
Military families

There is a life wisdom in the lower classes, learned through hardship.
There is knowledge in the upper classes, afforded by wealth.
My role
(crossing the areas of counselor, artist, musician, writer;
our ancestors word for these the skills is Shaman)
is cultural integration:
to translate Knowledge so that lot can learn it,
to translate Wisdom so that lot can learn it.
It is the only available way to bridge the class divide and end the caste system.

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