Monday, 6 October 2014

That's It Eternal

The alchemical-spiritual journey of the transmigratory soul, a form of pure energy and no form of energy ceases, it transmutes.

Visualise protozoaic organisms wiggling around in a test tube, not knowing which direction they are going, shall i go left shall i go right, shall i go up shall i go down? how should i choose? All these thoughts so overwhelmingly important to the protozoa as it bumps into another one and avoids a different one and encounters several others and sees none others for a while because its got space around it to figure out what that's about.

None of this matters. Some god-like human comes along and shakes up the test tube and performs experiments on it so far beyond the protozoa’s ability to comprehend that it simply does not matter what it chooses to do. If its smart it will choose something that makes it happy and if its dumb it will choose something stupid like trying to organize all the other protozoa’s around it into doing something about their condition.

Well, the truth is: We are that. We are those protozoa’s. We physically, mentally, emotionally are more complicated perhaps but the basic essence of our existence is still that. Everything we learn simply teaches us that the edges of reality and the edges of what we are capable of understanding are further away from us than we can individually, or as a group working together in unified strategy, ever be able to fully comprehend.

We just about think we have it sussed with physics and then something even stranger comes along. We remember about other stuff for example ghosts and reincarnation and mostly we can’t even figure out how to contemplate how all that is possible or what its point is. Even knowing that we are inside a test-tube is not the sum total peak experience of evolution and awareness. We cannot figure out the underlaying order to the multiverse or even if there is one at all, or several.

On this principle, our value judgement system goes out of the window. We do not have to face up to why do we care about the things we care about and not care about the things we do not care about; some people think it will help us as individuals and therefore the community, if we do that.

We know that we can project different and often contradicting paradigms onto it. This gives us limited control within a biased and systematic arena. We always encounter things that are outside of that control system. We build progressively toward enhancing our life experience for future generations, while there is an equal yet self-destructive force endangering us, which is also progressively developing. Or we step out of that altogether and find some other distraction.

That's it. Eternal.

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