Sunday, 26 October 2014

Flower Fade

This is one from a series of short epigrams entitled: "Coffee House" inspired by Al Raqis.

Flower Fade

I would like to thank the Desertborn for teaching me an immutable teaching. From the first time Ivana introduced (my alt) to the Al Raqis sim and sat me in observation of a parliamentary meeting, to the storytelling session in seeq. The patient Pacing here is a huge part of the transcription, this teaching, it is wordless hence immutable. Sighs.

Today this platform helped me through to deal with somebody important to me irl, the simplicity of sharing a coffee and giving a person all of the energy and space they need to relax. The giving to someone the space to relax and to communicate. It is in the silence, the sharing, the bonding. This is part of the Tau. Minute energy connections and communications between people that occur only when we are not talking, when we are in those dreamy between spaces, coming into alertness. Levels in the drifting winds, altitudes of comfort, the places we connect and share worlds by our energetic configurations. After lifetimes of stress where such encounters are a battle for the levels, such moments are precious.

As for the person; Some flowers are so fragile, their colour changes when you look at them. In a world where the sun fades everything to the colour of dust, the lesson is to nurture. Frank Herbert wrote the line (paraphrased); "their preconception is not with water; it is with moisture, and that is an entirely more delicate thing."

As I sat in the room with her and her motion - psymotion stirred the winds, I saw the streams, my wings through the back of me as i faced her, tan and sand colour ribbons connecting threads back into Al Raqis to those planes and connections where the moment by magnetism attaches, the roots of focus and memory. It might be cyber but the stories are as real in psy-space, dream-space, as are material based events. I poured coffee, she spoke. 

I battled with inner demons pushing me to sit beside her, take her hand and softly kiss her lips, staying focused instead on respecting her; falling into her eyes which see past me and the room, she described energies around me with profound accuracy even without a tarot guide. To look into the eyes of a true soul is rare in this life and I had to look away for fear of her seeing my need. It is to her I should be saying these words, and yet to do so would burden her with weights. So they are shared as story, what is of great import to one is a light relief to another. 

Such is coffee house.

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