Thursday, 16 October 2014

Homo Sapien Now

Homo Sapien Now

Runaway train
Running out of rail
Put the brake on

How to slow it down?

Transition Period
In preference to
Infrastructure crash

A forced infrastructure crash so we can control it
Because it will happen inevitably, the way things are going
Some things we need to keep developing
Some things we do not need

What we do need
Is a constant steady supply of food
And clean water for everybody
That is a basic essential

After the Transition
Local Communities
Will be self sufficient for food and clean water
That means getting the resources to everybody
To make that happen

Permaculture is the answer
It guarantees a steady employment industry
It requires polytunnels and trowels
Soil can be composted from scraps
It requires home food production kits
Available to everyone
To make it easier to grow our own supplies in the places we already inhabit

This needs to be a government scheme
The same as with solar panels

We need a realistic deadline to achieve it
It can be done by 2020 (time of writing is 2014)

If we as a united planet give it 2 years for the message to catch on
Then we can say: 2022 is the Forced System Crash Deadline
By which time we intend to get everybody ready
This is the Transition Period

Between 1970 and 2010;
Half of the animals on this planet have become extinct
Because of the Runaway Train

Truth is; no government scheme will save us
We have to do it ourselves
Governments job is to prepare for Peace to be maintained
After the system crashes
Our job as Human Beings is to get sorted

American Indians taught to Live for the 7th generation;
Leave the world unmarked by our passing through it
That is the mark of civilisation
We have left a mess that even the 7th generation will be cleaning up
If we do not start changing that Now
By 2022 we will be struggling to survive
Ecological Collapse
At which point
Emergency Camps become Concentration Camps become Extermination Camps
Because only the 1% can survive that scenario
And that is the precipice
Runaway train is heading toward

This is real, even if you refuse to believe it

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