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"Nothing is ever finished" Peter Robinson

sculptor, painter, teacher and occasional spirit guide

This is my main blog about a cyber build I am fortunate enough to have been invited to co-produce along with Asmita Duranja of Space4Art with thanks to Marian Evanier who is hosting my construction. There are also some related posts (see links at bottom of this article). This blog is mostly to showcase some chosen photo's which are part of the bulk upload on my flikr. 

During construction I was using one SecondLife Viewer settings. Following 'completion' if that is an appropriate term I changed to the Region Viewer settings chosen by Asmita; it totally altered the view and feel of our environment, blending together the black and white of the artists respective components through cyber-ephemeral silver-gray. The atmosphere is potent, brooding; evocative. You can feel the stories of lives being told, hear the sounds of the place echoing from the distance over a silver reflective river, the banks of which host a babel of towers and mystery.

The theme is oriental urban sci-fi.

From my time on this project has come a lot of inspiration, directions for further development; in my painting, my digital 3D and in my writing. Too much to contain in one blog.

I have a lot to thank Asmita Duranja for, in recognizing my potential and taking me on to work with her. She has proved herself to be a master; being an artist herself having awareness of the value of giving people space to develop and the tactful encouragement of gentle positive criticism. 

I also want to thank Jedda Zenovka who when I first arrived in SecondLife a year ago and had got the newbie buzz out of my system, dedicated her patience and time in teaching me the basics of uploading and texturing mesh. Jedda also works with sci-fi and ecological themes, fusing them together to create ecologies possible only because of the interactive digital art form that is virtual reality.

[images to follow]

The following links along with the imagery are to be taken as a trilogy of related writings.

Wabi Sabi - artists statement about my build

Flesh Dream - short story about life in NeoCyberCity

Prajnaparadha - "Crimes Against Wisdom" - short story exploring relation between inner turmoil and civic unrest

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