Sunday, 26 October 2014


侘寂 wabi sabi - transience, imperfection, incompleteness

Since the 1980s vision of Cyberpunk epitomized by Blade Runner (Sid Mead, Philip K Dick, Ridley Scott); decadent technology creating divergent social castes against a backdrop of grime and decay; Until the 21st century oriental urban architecture of clean, white, humanistic towers, the surface of which is living green from hanging gardens providing fresh air to heal against smog, to create an arboreal environment that is serene and naturalistic to live in. Now when people look to the future the focus is about harmony and peace. This resonates strongly with eastern traditions inspired by Taoism, Buddhism. The western world in its permanently imminent state of financial collapse and totalitarianism has still not caught up with this progress.

We live during the transition.

Urban progress is a constant state of transition. Generation after progressive generation live on the same streets as our ancestors. In time we will become the ancestors. The deprivations of lifestyles ensure our focus is seldom on that and constantly on this moment, the immediate past and the very near future.

These are themes which have inspired my work on this build with thanks to Asmita Duranjaya and Miriam Evanier. While Asmita has concentrated on tradition and the legend of utopia, the heavenly city; I have concentrated on ersatz; seeking of cleanliness amidst grunge, that pursuit of synthetic removes us from nature. These entwined themes become metaphors for one another. What are we within this world where our emotional ranges are shaped by our environment?

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