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What Christ deity was intended for

Recently departed has asked me to teach this to help move on. I am pagan but I have agreed because compassion. I am teaching it my way (the requested info is in bold). I hate this topic. People who go on about it annoy me a lot and thats putting it nicely. They usually get it wrong anyway.

What Christ is not:
what the forged gospels of matthew mark luke and john mention. These are based on the babylonian story of Mithra (a word that means: 'manifestation of the knowledge of the sun god'). Carbon dating of these chapters of the 4th century Sinai bible date to the 17th century Gregorian reformation of the catholic church.

What Christ is intended to be:
A deified symbol for; 'the way of Truth results in enlightenment'. This combined with the way of Love. Thats all it is.
For simplification we assign; 'God is Love'. Love is a frequency. It exists. We attune to it (plug into it) to be a conduit of it.

'God' is a term few christians appear to understand. To the gnostics it meant the Demiurge as the creator of this universe. To christians, the demiurge is assigned as satan. Lucifer means 'most beautiful light' which expanded (sown or cast) from the Source (heaven) and became 'mass-time' (time and matter - the material density we call 'space' containing all the stars and planets) hence the christian term 'mass' for the alignment of a community, traditionally using the Amen (ohm) cleansing, harmonizing chant resonant to the galactic vibrational harmonic of 13.

'Deification' is a process of the investment of a symbolized concept with psychic energy until it functions autonomously. Often we personify a deity as a human figure. The function of reality as a creation which we can affect is what enables the process. It is belief that sustains and nurtures the deity. 'Demon' is a common word for a vampiric deity. Deity typically require feeding, hence invocation by use of incense, attention-energy, etc.

'De' - earthed sunlight (energy of the sun god)
'I' - into
'Ty' - known, therefore, a vague summation of the formalized concept.

Okay so a lot of this is beyond what I was asked to teach, the request was simply an outline of what the deity 'christ' was intended to be before it was mutated for purposes of social control by a religious government.

Christ means: 'the way of Truth results in enlightenment', combined with the way of Love.
Truth. Not lies. Never settle for lies. There is always a deeper meaning.

What is meant by 'christed consciousness' is somebody whose operating frame of reference embodies that; the perception achieved as result of Truth and Love. It has nothing to do with religious dogma or context.

All of this is Belief, it is something we project into the world like a grid onto the chaos of raw potential. It is not something we learn by non-judgemental, objective observation of what is already there. That 'the observer affects the observed' makes clarity based objectivity very difficult which is why we use formalized deity to experiment with our projections, as levers, to comprehend and understand the Reality.
Worship of those levers is akin to a craftsman blessing his tools but it is not the same as knowing the material we are working with.

By the time we are accepting a need to use a lever to perceive accurately, we are already removed from pure observation. Whatever lever we use takes priority over the perceived. That problem is difficult to overcome.

The development of Islam as a second eye to balance Christianty so we can perceive three dimensionally is an experiment, most of the religious followers are unaware of that is what it is.
In brief; Christ is 'I am god' (chokma) while Islam is 'We are community' (binah). They function in balance. Once you strip all the bullshit away and focus on comparing the core teachings of both systems, the end result becomes easier to achieve.

There are two types of belief; in that which is known, proved, actual and in that which is unknown, unproven, not actual. It is an important distinction and we are idiots to use the same word for both things.

In shamanism, the purpose is to perceive objectively (non-judgementally). It uses a different method. Instead of using deity as levers, which are functions of Mind that have affect on the observers frame-of-reference and energy field alike (it creates a bias); in shamanism we remove Mind from the equation so as to perceive objectively.
Shamanism also embraces integrated use of Mind of other non-human spirits to give a second objective by use of ingesting 'plant spirit allies' (psychetropic herbs). Mind is a programmable filter system and calculus. Bypassing it while lucidly experiencing reality can be damaging to people who are ego-bonded. To do so can also help in removing ego-bondage.

Ok spirit, now you can get off my case. ū

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