Sunday, 26 October 2014

Coffee House

A series of short epigrams entitled: 

"Coffee House" 

inspired by Al Raqis

Coffee House is not reality. Coffee House is allegory and analogy. It is second hand, it is antique yet modern, it is received teaching, gossip, tales from the lives of other people. It contains everything in the human world from the mundane to the mystical, and yet it is passing trade, flippant and ever consumable, it is the banter paid for in barter and easy to close the book on to move along with your day. The sound of the chimes on the door in the wind are both a meditation and a clock, marking times passage between scenes. The continuity amidst uniqueness. It is a quick fix, a surface glance of a much deeper lens. This is, for the passing traveler, the scent of authenticity. But it is not the real thing. This is a tourists insight into a culture. Coffee House is a wallpaper version of the secret lives of those born to the desert tau.


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