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About Joe

About Joe

“Once people understand about Joe…”

She is speaking Legalese.
What the words mean is: Once people stand under (as in, ‘concede authority to’) ‘about Joe’.

A wise person then requests elucidation: “What About Joe?”

“That he is insane.”

“He is not insane.”

“No, but the record says that he is schizo.”

“So you admit that the record is false? Despite which you stand with the record?”

“I have to because of my position (in Society).”

Aware that his means the person is knowingly committing and act of corruption, a law abiding person will refuse to understand about Joe. “I do not understand ‘About Joe’.”

Society has singled him out as an outcast. He is not ‘a normal part of society’. They interpret this as ‘rejection due to fault’. Nobody confesses publicly that the fault is not Joe’s, nor that Joe is in reality faulty. The fault is that a corrupt GP accepted a lie as a truth and it has grown into an industry because of corrupt members of Society who are clearly evidencing what George Orwell described as Double-Think (in his book 1984) and which Mental Health Textbooks define as a mental health disorder called Cognitive Dissonance. 

"I think that what they mean by it, is that he has difficulty fitting into normal society."
"If everybody he encounters has been told before they even meet him that there is something wrong with his mind, of course he is going to have fitting in. Everyone he speaks to is looking at him questioning if he is sane or not and assuming that because it has got this big, the snowball effect, he probably is insane. Everybody he meets is pre-judging him. Of course that is going to put the guy on edge. When he refuses to conform, it is nor normality he is refusing to conform to. What he refuses to conform to is the conspiracy to defame.


I write because it is therapeutic. It keeps me sane. I am alone almost all of the time. Alone with a pen and my imagination for entertainment. Most of what I feel obliged to write about, following the advise from authors to 'write about what you know', is to educate people about how Society functions, to whistle-blow about the levels of manipulation and propaganda designed to discredit anybody who has a different way of looking at the world to what they have been programmed to call 'normal'. 

When you get to know them, none of them are normal. Most of them are not worth getting to know. Most of them are liars. I have no intention of giving my Attention-Energy to liars. It really is that simple. You know what the really creepy thing is about the liars? Most of them lie to themselves and do not even recognize this is what they are doing! I used to try and explain this to them, to show them how their minds are mis-functioning. Most of them accept being bent is necessary, they call it adapting to survive to in the broken society. None of them have reason enough to see that adapting to conform to a bent society is not surviving, it is becoming bent. 

The species is destroying the planet because people are 'adapting to survive society'. Anybody who wants the species to survive has got to adapt to ignore society and not feed into its corruption. People who serve society resent that attitude. They actively prefer to cause global destruction than to solve the problems by changing how they do things. They cannot change how they do things until they change how they are seeing things. It is not something which can be forced. 

If you have to 'adapt to survive society' this shows you that by default Society is something hostile toward Life. Those who serve it are serving an entity which is hostile toward life. This is, to my way of thinking, a common sense recognition of what Society actually is. An outsiders view.

I write because I am lonely. I need a steady girlfriend this time. I need company of a living Human being. 


When it becomes a Zone, it needs to be freshened up. "It has become a bit of a zone." She was talking about the smell of sex every time they opened the door. "Funky." 


"You claim that you spend most of your time alone, and yet you seem to have left behind you a long string of partners. How do you reconcile that?" The interviewer was good. She was hot and her questions were more about my sex life than my work. I wondered how much of the interview was going to end up in the published article. 

"When you are with the wrong partner, that is when you realize that the most lonely is not when you are by yourself but when you unhappy in a relationship with somebody who has no interest in you and is only with you for sex, social recognition and money. All I truly want is to be in a lasting, loving, stable relationship with somebody with whom there is mutual interest." 

She ended up being the next one. It lasted three months which is about average. As far as I am concerned it ended when she lied and then it took another two and a half months to get rid of her. As far as she is concerned it came as a complete surprise that I finished it out of the blue. We had two or three great weeks together before we began living parallel lives, having failed to unify and strengthen 'our' universe. One simple lie is always all it takes to cause that. You can never get it back. 

Although allegedly "you can accept lies as a necessary part of life and get over it." An apology would help. But of course an apology would be a confession that she was wrong, and from her perspective it is not a wrong. From her perspective I am stubborn and unreasonable and unaccepting that "lies are a necessary part of life." I stand by my belief in the importance of mutual interest to make a lasting relationship.


I have no time nor tolerance for people who play blame games. It is control and has no respectability.


"Oh, him. He's crazy." The easiest way to cover her tracks and not have to bother explaining that I dropped her for lying to me. Look at what I lost! Her body is an elixir of the senses! But look at what I gained. Less lonely alone than in a relationship with someone who has created a divergence, feeling obliged to play along with it to avoid argument.

"Ye, I heard that about him from someone else." Naturally, she was not the first to go through this process of Speaking The Words. Rites of Passage. Cosmic Script.


It's all or nothing.

"Why not enjoy being single? Sleep around until you meet someone: "

[you both want to ... be serious together with?]

[who wants to keep you]

[you are serious about]

[else like you (as insecure as you)]

"Because i am not a slut looking for STD's in exchange for a shallow fuck."

[Because i am not old and fat.]

"You could have a full life."

"I could have my time wasted by someone out for themself."

"It's a step at a time."

"With someone who is looking for long-term, not with someone who wants to fuck and chuck."


"It's never a good idea to go into the future. You are not ready for it yet." 

Every time-traveller ever.


I may be paper thin
I will last longer than sin
Only a writer would pull
petals of a page
Paper walls are no cage
<3 p="">

You are making an allegation founded on what evidence please?
Specifically, What is the Source of your Belief?

If it is hearsay, rumor, without substantial foundation, it is slander: 
'character defamation' is a criminal offense at law.

If it is: "A state professional says so", 
I request that specific state professional to explain the Source of their Belief, as above.

Also I request you to contemplate the concept of Gross Negligence and Fraud Of Office, 
which is a criminal offense at law. 

To Act professionally Complicit with Fraud is a criminal offense at law. 

NOBODY is above question. 
Especially those in positions of assumed authority. 

Authority is always only ever 'assumed' 
because of the reality that gross negligence and fraud of office exist. 
 It requires consent to authenticate it. 

I do not give consent to any person, 
until that individual has proved respectable and trustworthy.


©2017 Ordo Octopia. All Rights Reserved

from The Envelope Notes

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