Saturday, 4 February 2017

Tracing The Lines

"What is the source of your opinion/belief?"

You are making an allegation, founded on what evidence please?

Specifically, what is the source of your opinion/belief?

If it is on hearsay, rumor, with no substantial foundation: it is slander.

In this case it is slander with intention to defame. 

If it (the source of your belief) is:  'a state professional says so' or 'according to paperwork document X signed by a state professional':

I request that professional to explain the source of their opinion/belief and justify on what evidence their allegation is founded, please.
It is common sense to factor as a reality that state workers and documents signed by state workers are not above error, fraud of office, duplicity and questioning of assumed authority. 

In this case it is complicity in conspiracy to defame.

Are you aware that during the Nuremberg trials a Humanitarian and legal precedent was set that 'obeying orders' is not a reasonable excuse for personal acts of injustice. 

Non-compliance to criminality is regarded as both Humanitarian and necessary whereas complicity to 'the party line' of thinking is considered a willful act of professional negligence.

I request you to contemplate the concept of gross negligence.

Stating that "they are a respectable department" while simultaneously taking a stance to repress anybody who has experience of them to the contrary, constitutes gross negligence. 

I am simply asking poignant questions 'to get to the bottom of it'.

"What is the source of your opinion/belief?"

It is alarming how difficult this question is for the state workers involved to answer satisfactorily.

The next question is, "Did you receive money or any goods of value as enticement for your role in this matter? Is your receipt (of that) directly linked to your opinion/belief and judgement of the person in question?"

The next question is, "Are you aware of the damage which your acting on that opinion/belief has done to this person's reputation and to their mental and emotional well-being?"

It should be pretty obvious the level of damage which has been done to that person.

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