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This is another blog tracing the history and use of angled corner architecture associated with one particular aspect of concrete Brutalism. Here the focus is on two great 80s movies and their 21st century remakes. Both these movies do not exclusively use this specific style, there are other brutalist techniques also present (cubic concrete) however it is an omnipresent feature and critical component of 80s cyberpunk aesthetic.  

My earlier blog in this series relating to the angle-corner-brutal style is here

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Total Recall

you can tell it is alien because it is smooth and round

Total Recall Remake

Homages to the angled-corner-style of its predecessor are not so evident in the remake which takes off in its own grimy Chinatown BladeRunner inspired direction, but they are there! 

THIS IS THE VERY BASICS of a basic style in constant development. As we have seen from the oriental influence of Total Recall Remake - the urban grunge of the cyberpunk milieu is an important and ongoing trope of the sci-fi genre. 

FASA 2nd edition Shadowrun

Ronny Cox as in Robocop with ceiling masonic chess board
Interestingly both movies feature Ronny Cox as the big boss bad guy.
Ronny Cox as Dick Jones in Robocop with global masonic chess board

Ronny Cox as Vilos Cohaagan in Total Recall with technology and symbolism
Ronny Cox as Vilos Cohaagan in Total Recall

For more about the Masonic Symbolism used in these and related movies see This Is That : Sleeper

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