Tuesday, 14 February 2017



100 years after my inception / birth. 

100 a metric measurement. Digitized timecode.

This year: 2017. 

40/60 counterbalance. 

My crew always snided at Cyberpunk 2020 because it was Mad Dog 2020 that horrible cheap candy flavoured alcohol available before alco-pops which young teenage girls wanted to drink so we bought it to get them drunk and we had to drink it too because we were young teenage boys without enough money to buy both candypop and cider. Eventually we ditched the girls, a rite of passage, and bought cider instead at which point a whole more mature level of girls were attracted to us, those who also drank cider and kissed better. Ciderpunk.

We also snided at Cyberpunk2020 because it was Shadowrun without Tolkien and when you can have the Cyberpunk Tolkien  universe why the fuck would you choose not to? Cyberpunk2020 was too much like reality and the reality we knew we were going to be living through as we got older. Fuckthatshit we gamed for fantasy, even with drunk girls, especially with drunk girls. 

With retrospect, the candygirls dropped away and then the cidersluts dropped away and finally the Tolkien creatures dropped away until all we were left with is the gritty realism of Cyberpunk2020 type existence and memories of bitter sweetness. 

We also snided Cyberpunk2020 because its players thought that it owned the genre. For many it did probably define it. They thought they were harder than the Shadowrunners. They learned. 'nuff said. All in the past now and the tribes have united.


I was born in 1977. In esoteric symbolism the double-7 forms a Tau cross if you utilize one of the 7's as an upper case gamma symbol from the Greek alphabet. If you study Blavatsky you will know the significance of this key. The 19 being both the first and last which when added make the whole (zero) split into 2, or into two wholes (8 the mobius loop). Alphanumerics. I identified with these symbols because they are my inception code. In a cyberpunk universe where people are catalogued by reference numbers instead of given names. That plus the Chinese year of the Fire Snake being wrapped around the Maat logic of a Tau cross is a powerful symbol to identify me by.

So the arrival of Cyberpunk2077 is the next level of that.

I feel obliged to do this blog because it exists and I have been doing a cyberpunk theme for awhile. Even though it is advertised as a PC game and I'm a mac user. Because in all probability it will be crap if you grew up on 1st-gen cyberpunk roleplaying and learned how powerful imagination is contrasted against the limitations of computer games. 

By now it has become such a cliche, it's candygirl to a post cidergirl hard drugs and dry-out. Zimmergirl. Point being we won't embrace invasive machine tech because somewhere along the way, facing concrete glass and steel street-life of reality for ourselves, we became the life cult. Ye I'm still sniding. IC though, and you have to. Actually I like it a lot. The character sheet shows how nice and simple it is while touching a lot of bases. We simply ditched it for Shadowrun which does the same thing plus. Read THIS LINK and you know everything about Cyberpunk2020 enough to play it without the rulebook.

* I know that snided is not an official word. The past tense of snide. Not an easy one to retro, it is a living word, an active, of the now. Past tense derided has too much connotation of an association with derivation. Man I love how language mutates. How much Islam is going to be in Cyberpunk2077 is my question to the drones. 

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