Sunday, 19 February 2017

Troll Admin Strategy 101

Troll Admin Strategy 101

Name your forum by a vaguely related descriptor to attract a wider audience, your ‘pool’ of ‘energy donors’. Prove your expertise* and establish domination by repeatedly encountering and complaining about the same alleged “problem” - that most of the pool have a different opinion as you regarding the descriptor. Block anybody from the forum who takes you up on this having ganged up on them with your lackeys and labeling them as ‘trolls’ for their attempt to explain that the forum has a misleading name and that if you are aware of that (which evidently you are) that you are being purposefully deceptive. Troll admin behave this way to entertainment themselves and a similar minded clique by cyber-bullying people who have similar interests to the ones they claim to be an expert in. Obviously the use of strawman arguments is permitted and encouraged but only by the troll admin and their lackeys.

*Regurgitate information which you have learned from the internet.

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