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Feb 2017

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As a professional and published writer not missing an opportunity for self promotion because that more than literary skill is what it is all about in this industry, I frequently make notes. A quick dash for a notepad or more often than not one of the envelopes I keep stashed near the kettle and pen-pot, to scribble down whatever thoughts are assaulting me by passing through my mind.

My all time favorite phrase:

“Whatever goes through his/her mind which passes for thoughts.”

A lot of people are not themselves writers and therefore they cannot relate immediately to writing which is written by writers for writers. Other writers understand writing in a different way to non-writers, much the same way that a film editor does not see the imagery so much as the camera cuts. When the camera cuts are invisible, you are spellbound. When the writing techniques and tricks are invisible, you are spellbound. Writers who write for writers are so much aware of this that they play toyfully with the techniques so as to entertain other intellectuals on a different level than the general non-writing public are aware.

The Envelope Notes are fragments from or ideas for fuller stories as yet to be elaborated upon.


(this list will be extended as the envelopes are painstakingly transcribed)

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