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Foundational Exercise

"How was your day?" he asked upon his return home from working at the office.
"I had to block a troll." She answered. 

As a writer I do not know why I bother to explain this. It is obvious that her answer is an answer. Steve King suggests that a writer should nine times out of ten use the simple description 'she said.' I do not see the point of repeatedly writing 'she said, he said' at the end of every quotation marks. It is obvious that a person has said it because of the quote marks. Once the characters have been established it is obvious who is speaking. The descriptors become excess word count. When i make notes I do don't bother with them at all.  That comes during the edit, the copytype, to make it easier for the reader.

Words devoid of speaker are a dybbuk. A free-floating entity floating around the aether trying to find their way into the manifest reality, seeking speakers whose minds and bodies they can use to exist in the real world and fulfill their purpose of affecting the world and the people in it. A hundred individual couples will have the same conversation, will live through the same scene without ever knowing that it is not unique but a cosmic rite of passage. Such words are described by this writer as "the cosmic script". When people are used as vessels for the dialogue, they are "speakers of the cosmic script." The words are part of a much bigger story,. They relate energetically to other words other extracts, elsewhere. Connected by resonance. 

He knew her well enough to recognize the truth despite her words. Her mannerisms, her eyes, spoke a language deeper than her lies and half-truth.

"I have had to block someone who made more sense than me, to protect my dogma and to feed my ego." Perhaps it is to protect her ego and feed her dogma. A vague grey outline. 


Conceding to her is respecting her. Approving of her manipulation. Is to become her lackey. Is to accept her abuse as permissible in a decent society. Or that neither of them are manifesting a decent society. 


To start a Foundation and then go mad and have to be replaced by the Team. It is such a cliche by now it has become believable to such extent the Team get away with setting up the Founder as a power bid. It is not his madness but his visionary, an extension of the same visionary by which the Foundation was originally established. Vision for the good of the Company. However the team object to that which is beyond their own imagination. They can extend only so far and anything beyond that is regarded as madness, thus giving them leverage to have the old man removed from his position. In a short number of moves they have exploited his vision and seized control of its produce. 


He ignores all that and plays her game. It is because she give him sex and boosts his ego. Because he was raised to associate success with having a money job and a girlfriend. By ignoring her abusive and controlling behavior he becomes complicit in it. his punishment is that he is prime target for it and her expectations no matter how unreasonable they may be. Because she gives him sex. She pays him in pleasure for turning a blind eye to her abusive nature. So that they can both achieve goals neither of them have thought through Humanly. They are slaves to their conditioning, to their super-ego. The adults did this to them as children. They are not fully alive, merely processing their conditioning. They fiercely reject anybody who attempts to explain this to them and to show them that it is an accurate diagnosis. 

Very few people achieve insight beyond this level of cognition. It is state endorsed to function this way, as zombies to the super--ego conditioning. The people who see through it were once regarded as Shaman and revered for their insight in helping to keep community functioning. Now, those same shamen are persecuted and described as mentally ill, as druggies. Four hundred years ago they were burnt alive or drownded along with any bitches who were causing social problems. History has remembered them romantically and with pointy hats and broomsticks smeared in vaginally absorbed flying ointment. The retrospective pentacle she wears as a tattoo of her allegiance to herself and a modern constructed religion of female supremacy.


'S/he is respected therefore you should respect her/him too.'

This is a logical fallacy, false logic. 

WHY is s/he respected? 

Why does that permit her/him to be above allegations of abuse?


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from The Envelope Notes

Dybbuk, by Ephraim Moshe Lilien (1874–1925)

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