Wednesday, 1 February 2017


3. "Concrete and Blue"
(midnight city)
(neon moon)

The dream returns to me this day, vivid as when I lived it. The concrete city exists in dream is a place travelers come to and it rises high, these concrete ruins are ancient and still under construction, the society of masons responsible and so much is abandoned, unmapped forgotten world, ruins wherein all manner of denizens live, this place is something of a hellraiser hell but dreamspace also, limbo with Gigerish stairs and rectangular columns containing arches rising high. The travelers met this day are street gangers from Necromunda and travelers from SG:1 and none of those things but those are symbols used to convey the necessary information. We had come to a place where the blue portal shines from the wall, a sacred and ancient magic which would permit us to escape to another layer of the dreaming. We were chased by underground secret police, spies, espionage network the guardians of this hell working to destroy our hopes and syphon our life power for their own. The travelers and myself used our combined focus to discover the portal and they activated it and she came, the same incandescent iridescent blue, she wore the body of a dragonfly woman and exotic, alien, other dimensional, she found me and we loved each other and we left that world.  

Concrete and blue, neon blue, indigo blue from dyes, woad blue, shimmering cyan at its edges, stands out against the grey. This has always been a theme and the texture and colours work so well together.

There is so much which relates to this blog to emphasize the point. Perhaps it will be added to in time. Concrete begs for grafitti and thus, blue to take it to the spirit world, and black and moon cream white, to texture the grey with an emotion of hope and soulful depths of still waters too alive to be black, too calm to be electric, the way we feel for one who we love who makes us alive and happy to be here in the dark hardness of a crumbling world. 

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