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illuminatii symbolism in the movies

This blog continues from Stylism & Movies which is about Brutalist architecture with a footnote on masonic chess and media control. 

Is the obvious continuity of theme purposeful or does it happen incidentally and coincidentally or because visual descriptors occur naturally when invoking Assyrian/Babylonian/Egyptian/Mayan/Masonic ritual magick? 

In either case a direct line continuity is occurring. Use of repeat themes are evident, as is use of repeat actors & directors (Kyle MacLachlan, David Lynch).

Dune 1984
Blue Velvet 1986
Total Recall1990
StarGate 1994
Minority Report 2002

Sand & Triangle with blue spheres

Sand & Triangle with blue spheres

Sand & Triangle with blue spheres (eclipsed) - revealed in the Directors Cut

 "The Sleeper Must Awaken"  Dune, 1984, Lynch

specific finger positions

In STarGate we do not have a simple hand-in-globe interface, we have a more versatile Dial-Home Device. NB lunar crescent, symbolic of suit of Cups in Tarot associates with Water. NB blue mosaic and gold/red/yellow.

NB mystic key symbol for 'turning' held by priest
hierarchy tiers & triangle motif in red & green
stepped triangle & solar motif in red & green. NB mosaic & gold/red/yellow.

Rachel Ticotin as Melina in Total Recall 1990. In Hermetic symbolism, red/yellow/gold and triangle are associated with fire and action and the suit of Wands in the Tarot, signifying creation and alchemy.

also by Lynch, blue moon, triangle

Tony Bennet NOT the version featured in the movie, however the website it is advertised on has THE SAME SYMBOL

Jodorowsky style fan art of Lynch's Dune depicting St Alia of the Knife as the triangle within which blue moons, eyes of Idab, sand and dragon-fire. Compare with the Blue Velvet poster

double pillar / earth-serpent motif, solar heart (microphone and shadow, black & white, 4 cardinal points), triangle above

The analogy we draw here is that Isabella Rossellini who plays the character singer Dorothy Vallens who gets stabbed (compare: ST Alia of the knife) is the same archetype as symbolized in Dune as Jessica Atreides. Both of these images are variants of the High Priestess Tarot card. Note the symbolism of Blue and Red and the symbolism of Black and White (pillars and chess board).

Francesca Anis as Jessica Atredies between two pillars before stepped triangle and 'discreet cartouche' (lunar?) motif. NB serpent sinewaves

Ruling Planet: Moon. Hebrew: Gimel. Crystal: Aquamarine. Balance, Intuition, Secret Knowledge. Wise Woman, Truth seeker, gatekeeper. Unveiling, Change, feminine energies (Yin). 

masonic checker measure device emphasized by background retinue

the Glove, Total Recall, worn by Benny played by Mel John Jnr

Awakening dream symbols, Dune
the Glove, Minority Report, worbn by John Anderson played by Tom Cruise

Here we see also the Ring interface (blue) and the movie features an important red ball. Alchemically the colour/shape symbols have been reversed, as befits a post-millennial continuum of this flow.

The triangle as Water / Moons - the High Priestess

alchemic Red vs Blue symbolism from Total Recall

House Atreides Ducal Signet Ring

This blog continues at: This Is That / Sleeper 2

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