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Science Truth Mentality

Science, Truth & Mentality

Unlike most everybody else I have my head screwed on straight. In part this is due to the relationship between synapses growing in accordance with integrity, which has been scientifically proved by discovery that liars brains contain a different type of synapses (short term white) to truthful peoples brains (durable grey), ergo the perception of reality is fundamentally different.

Because my form of logic is different to mainstream, they assume I am crazy. They can not identify that being straight is not being crazy. As a consequence anybody who stands to gain by removing straight thinkers attempts to discredit me. A minority can see through it all and accept me as a wisdom keeper.


There is a reason, a simple purpose, for the following tangent. It is necessary to explain around the idea, to elaborate. Our lives do this when we set out to perform a simple exercise and are presented with a complexity of elaborated stances to embellish the theme. When, that it,s the universe likes our request and assumes we will recognize everything for what it is instead of mere distraction by the thousand things of life.


I do not listen to their words, I read the tones. The tones betray their opinion, their beliefs. It is incredibly difficult to hide this. A person who believes they are telling the truth, conveys different tones to a person who is genuinely telling the truth. A person who is acting conveys differently to a person who knows they are lying to convince you that something untrue is true. People who grow up learning about society from watching television are almost entirely accepting that the tonality of actors is a fundamental. They mimic actors and therefore their voices convey a tone of mimicking an actor, which is different from the tone of an actor consciously playing their role.

The secret to identifying this is simple. The vocal chords release air by compressing it through two sections of the vocal chords. One conveys a high pitch and the other a low pitch. Depending on where and by how much the vocal chords are compressed or restricted or closed, to explain it well, and comparing this with the smoothness or gravel by which the air is released from the lungs, which are warmed by the heart, a three dimensional grid can be used to immediately recognize with quite some accuracy whether the wave is true, false, or some place between.

Combined with developed synaesthesia and the ability to identify sound as color, which I do have and I do use all the time as a major sensory ability, it becomes a very powerful tool for identifying with how much respect a person is speaking. It is a shame to say that most speech, most of the time, is not worth the energy it took to speak it. 

I am a purist. I want honesty and I resent anybody who can but chooses not to be honest. There are very few exceptions to the rule that it is always possible to be honest.


There was a simple purpose for this. I do not listen to their words because their words are unnecessary. People who listen are more likely to accept, even for the trap of social nicety, the conformity to ignorance. When I am with True people we do not share words, we share the same heartfelt awareness with which words are a distraction. We share empathic telepathy, telempathy, visions and atunement. I do not listen to their words because once having known the truth of more holistic and intimate communication, words are deviation from natural truth. Most of the time their words are delusions anyway even if they do make sense at the time. I listen to the rhythms and the winds of a persons spirit.


One generic name for their type is "artificial people".
Another is "plastic people" which although derogatory befits the culture of their era.


Hard Science has established the following as facts:

Aliens exist. We are made of mud which is fossilized DNA of ancient creatures, mixed with DNA from aliens. Reality is a matrix which offers confirmations of projections of preconceptions. Ergo; perception and super-ego is a warzone for individual space and stability of the souls manifestation. Most people do not know to what extent they are zombies enacting roles to support stronger powered ego's. 


Townie mentality.
Traveler mentality.
Village mentality.
Military mentality.
Committee mentality.
Nature-based Hermits.
Bandits (a bit of all).


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