Thursday, 9 February 2017

Art Is Prophecy

"When the mode of the music changes the walls of the city fall." Plato

"Art is the first barometer of change in Human consciousness. Artists are the real prophets, aware of what has just happened and are not afraid to give voice in the only way they can. The philosophies are just a bi-product of a change in consciousness."

"The history of Art expresses the upholding of consciousness. The entire history of civilisation, great shifts in culture are caused by grand mutations of consciousness, manifest through all spheres of culture but most visually evident in art." Jean Gebser

"Classical authors all say that culture comes in bursts by different revelations, always the same. This code is revealed at different times. Its always to different people at different times. But its always the same."

"Artists, poets, musicians, the literature that most distinctly expressed the shifts of consciousness which civilisation is undergoing."

"The sophistication of the ancients has become a full time scholarly industry. The evidence of the extent and level of knowledge available to ancient civilisations is becoming more apparent and the further it goes, the deeper we go, the more sophisticated it appears. The question then arises: how did they get so smart? We don't know. One of the keys to finding out is to stop looking at what they did through our eyes. They acquired information by some other method."

from promo video for Magical Egypt series

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