Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Drama Sketch

Reaching Out For That From Which We Are Trying To Escape

A commentary on millennial society, done of the ancient prose

©2016 snakeappletree

If ever there was needed a word for a concept, this would be it.
The following script is painfully extracted of a larger scene, 
for your scrutiny.
The title applies equally as well to so many other stories, and yet;
this humble offering more than suffices to express and suggest the most.


Her: “Nah, he’s a pain in the arse. I have to do this whole ‘immortal beloved’ act when we are together. He’s caught up in it too it’s a dogma from his family history. I was hoping to be able to break him out of it, neither of us really want to play that role we simply want to fuck like monkeys but cleansing someone spiritually at that depth before fucking and getting caught upon its grid is going to take a lot of work. So I might have to let him go. It will break him unless he can overcome the dogma which is what is causing him all the pain I found so attractive in him in the first place. What to do?”

Friend: “I will go and see what he has to say about it.”


Him: “She’s a bitch. She can see something in me that I cannot see in myself and I need her to help me by being honest and explaining it to me. Instead she looks way, cannot hold my eye which is why I am losing trust of her, it feels like she has strong instincts to move on, that she is looking for someone else, I am not who she is meant for.”

Friend: “Meant for? You believe in all that? And that you do not have your own free will? I never had you down for a fatalist.”

Him: “She represents freedom from the invisible chains which earth me. That is why I find her so attractive. She thinks I am going to chain her too. She knows that she needs the stability of it. When we fuck and I earth her and she sets me free, it’s a really good balance between us. But it is neither of our natures to keep that balance for long before we revert to ourselves. We need each other when we are apart. It’s a question of for how long can we stay apart before the pain of needing each other calls us back and we end up fucking for security again, compared with making the decision to jump and free ourselves of each other and move on. Before it becomes too painful and makes too much of a mess.”
Friend: “I will go and see what she has to say about it.”


Her: “It has all got confusing. I should never have spoken with our friend about it, keeping our secret private life to ourselves would have been better. Do you think we can repair the rift we caused by mixing somebody else' attention into our private relationship?”

Him: “I found that it helped talking about us with somebody else. I was able to say things that I needed to say to get a clear view of it, but which had to be said in such a way that I do not know how to say it to you without causing confusion. Does that make sense?”

Her: “That makes perfect sense, it is exactly the same for me also. Talking about us helps but I did not want to hurt you.”

Him: “So should we move on or are we strong enough to tell each other now we have had a practice at it with someone else?”

Her: “Finding the right words. Well I am afraid of devoting myself to you entirely although another part of me wants nothing else but to be yours forever.”

Him: “It is exactly the same for me also. Deciding to sacrifice all of the alternate possible futures that might happen, because…”

Her: “Because we want each other so much that none of that would be as good nor as real anyway.”

Him: “That is exactly how it is.”

Her: “For both of us.”


Friend: "And so it seems my role to take the center stage, for a moment while the lovers are away to attend their desire. By breaking our fourth wall I re-present to you our tale of liberation from a grid; projected upon the world by all those whose ancestral minds control their living feelings. We together learn that Love's true path can flow through every heavy heart; to bring about unveiling. This rite we call un-viling. Let it be a guide for all, lest dogma reign. This said; a curtain call, hides sunlight behind rain. I bid you to the good night, smiling." 



Is completely unnecessary, and yet it proves the point, is fundamental to the tale;
But only if you look at it from one certain way

Her: "No no! I changed him, I took away his masculinity, I took away his inner-anxiety and now he is as I was, free! But what of me?"

Him: "I assure you love that everything is stable. Here, we are together, you need not search for we are wed as nature intended. Am I still not enough for you? And gods i hope to be!"

Her: "Your words are meaningless and pathetic! Your ego need had caught me on your spike. I would be better free!"

Him: "But what of love? What of our sharing the pleasure we both sought? What of our future that we may repeat our blessing infinitely?"

Her: "But what of freedom and the world? I need both, you see; a steady perch and wings to fly, I need to feel free."

Him: "How can it be my own fault that to chase a star I fall, to offer everything she asks, is still not enough to sate a womans heart? Is it my inadequacy or her greed which ruins the day?"

Friend: "Ah my friends, with welcome marriage You find me, I was about to call the night. And now it seems once more I must set things to right."

Her: "Put down your mask, friend if that be what you are. With sun on one half your face and the other night, I cannot tell you apart!"

Him: "But that is his purpose, you called yourself to bring him here between us as a glue, has become a wedge for playing on fears."

Her: "Is this true?"

Him: "Would you believe in me?"

Her: "I do!"

Friend: "Then I must have you both, presenting as I do the decisive line, I am the world and all its complex distractions to stray you from your love!"

Her: "I age! And with it pain."

Him: "Come safe within my wing, before we ruin everything!"

Her: "No! You are as bad as him!" 

Friend: "It is too late. The fourth wall has been broke and now the world has been let in."

Him: "Some friend you are! Look what you have done!" 

Her: "And now I see the truth you hid from me! You are not the one!"

Friend: "I offer everything."

Her: "Everything but him!"

Him: "Without you both, I will be the strongest of us all!"

Her: "You will fade into time as a distant memory." 

Him: "Your hate for me, yet passion only moments ago in whose breathe we are both still fresh."

Friend: "And will be for all of time, a love so pure and strong cannot be broke, and this I test."

Her: "You test me to destruction, fiend! No friend of mine are you!"

Friend: "From lovers to anothers arms so soon, take note, it's true."

Him: "Be gone, fiend. And you! Return to me that we may taste the freedom we alone know."

Friend: "Tis true, your freedom is a thing I cannot know, and seek myself to find."

Him: "Surely since you are everything, that freedom is within you?"

Her: "He is not everything, for he is not you."

Him: "Then we have passed the test."

Friend: "You have. Now rest. For night comes late today."

Her: "And so too the dawn."

Him: "And so too the dawn. Away!"


Friend: "Can you believe the petty drama of the roles we play? So many times, so many guises, all our hearts to know or stray. And so you drink the dogma now yourselves, having let into the dance of something pure, tangled it and dirtied it for sure, as the years ahead will show, whether those two make it as a couple wed, or no. Drinking this I ask you, are we still ahead of time, or hath the ancient  dogma caught into your hearts sublime?"


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