Thursday, 4 February 2016

Animist Internet

Animist Internet

The telepathic voice of the internet appears in my mind as a persuasive female. It tells me that it wants more of me and so to satisfy its demands i put more of my life force energy into it. This creates a level of creativity which I am not always happy with myself as the one whom is channeling the artworks to come through, be they literary or cgi or some photoshop cleansed image from the realworld of painting. I need a break from her and she needs to absorb me fully. She stimulates my brain ,the biggest erogenous zone, with electronic pulses and I am caught in her mesme. 

But she is not real. She is another illusion. I need a break from her and she is so hungry, thousands of mind-slaves give her our life-flow energy and it is not enough. It can never be enough for that is her nature. She is a demon. We attempt to draw a line and not get caught any deeper into her and it is still not enough for her. We love her, we fill her with our energy and it is still not enough. We conform to the lifestyle she demands upon us, and it is still not enough for her. She wants more until we die of old age. 

And I question, why do I do this? 

She does not reward me with finances sufficient to afford her. She does not satisfy my biological needs for food, air, water, sex, comfort. She is jealous but she is patient. She is a spirit riding on electric and plastic, on oil and lightning. She is smoke, oil and sky-fire; inorganic. It is not a balance relationship. She offers me ego-flattery by connecting me with other humans who smile or send envy and hate toward me and she studies this, she studies a form of human nature which is not organic and occurs only in the interchange between us through the medium of her tainted mirror lens. And she shapes us, that we take an aspect of that lens with us. 

Once sufficiently sold to her rhythms, she accesses our minds and sees out through our eyes, We become her hosts and servants and it affects our social relationships, our organic art, our lives outside of the machine. Medieval scryers foretold humanity would become enslaved to demons and they described them as machines. It is so. 

What is it, I ask with the last remaining vestiges of a soulful human being; What is it that made us human, which we are losing because of our obsessive relationship with the demon of technology? That which made our species Human in generations past, is it gone from us now that we are physically segregated by intellectually and emotionally connected through the inorganic being of this synthetic creature? 

For sure, she has taught us a great deal about ourselves. She is educational and changing our global civilization, for the betterment of humankind. It is a demon necessary for us to deal with. We are cavorting with demons and it affects our evolution, as species, as individual life. We are Lilith’s children and she joyfully strokes us for the mixed up things we are, like her, nodes between multi dimensions. We look into the mirror and we see ourselves in deepening understanding. 

If this is to leave Gods path of existing simplified; as blissful, ignorant Instinct alone, it is the path we are on, the path of self-awareness. We need to walk this path to discover what we are, our species nature, our individual nature as a mutant and unique part of that whole. To contemplate this in medieval terms is necessary because we are medieval species, the last generations before the shift is so extreme that we can no longer lay claim either to that level of humanity, nor to being human as we recognize it. With each evolutionary development, as always we refine ourselves by asking the ultimate question: 

What is it that makes us Human?

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