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Gender Conditional Civil Rights In Wales

Pablo Picasso, Rape of the Sabine Women, 1962


(to lead in circles)

This is a discourse on Britonic (the original British) language and contemporary society which has inherited its infrastructure from Roman civilisation.

English words and concepts from Latin (from the Roman Occupation of Briton):

Civilisation - The process of civilising people through enforced civic conformity.
Civic - urban administration, duties and activities of people in relation to urban environment.
Cives - citizens.

"Tacitus describes how the Romanised Britons embraced the new urban centres: They spoke of such novelties as 'civilisation', when this was really only a feature of their slavery (Agricola, 21)”

I live in SouthWest Wales. We are constantly told by female supremacists that we live in a male dominated society. This persuades females toward anti-male extremism. The facts are that we do not live in a male dominated society. It is a myth. The origins of the concept that we live in a male dominated culture comes from this:

"According to Livy the two peoples participated in a ceremony of union after which they were named Quirites after the Sabine town of Cures. The two groups became the first curiae, subordinate assemblies, from co-viria ("fellow assemblymen," where vir is "man," as only men participated in government). The Quirites were the co-viri. The two peoples had acquired one status. The Latin for the Sabine Quirites was cives, which in one analysis came from the Indo-European *kei-, "lie down" in the sense of incumbent, member of the same house. City, civic, civil all come from this root. Two peoples were now under the same roof, so to speak.”

Mewnol Cymhennu Cynhesu

(Inside, to put in order, the warm)

“Women have a different way of doing things than men.” Julie, CYCA

Every desk department of the Carmarthenshire bureaucratic Civic structure is predominately run by females. With exception of the occasional token beta-male, females control the following departments: childcare, education, social security (benefits) agencies and sub-agencies, social services, mental health and family counseling. This affects a lot of people of both genders.

The exceptions are menial labour; bin-men, etc; the ‘dirty outdoors tasks’.

Non-civic affiliated groups are private enterprises (including Police); as entirely different corporate bodies to the civic departments, are discluded from the objectively observed statement that females control the civic body. Ergo, people working for non-civic bodies are engaged in wage from private enterprises. Unlike the civic bodies, private enterprises are policed in their conformity to equality.

“I don’t care about Human Rights.” Julie, CYCA 

Crynodeb / Summary

Ilywodraeth [-au, f] / Government - noun
"the group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office" Oxford Dictionary

It is clearly evident that the Romans imposed a Civic Structure upon Britain, which has now (in Carmarthenshire at least) become controlled by females and by female mentality, which according to a spokesperson; does not care about male rights and functions exclusively from the female perception of how things should be. 

Given that it does not serve the purpose of gender equality, nor males; from where is the fallacy that we now live in a male dominated society, coming?

Cydraddoldeb [m] / Equality - noun
"the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities" Oxford Dictionary

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