Thursday, 18 February 2016

fabricant era

"Redefinition of ourselves without work." Paul Mason

We cannot automate everything. This video is an example of the technocracy's dream: the only people who will have any power in a society of leisure, will be the machine-fixers, the coders. Common sense is that every member of the society will become machine-fixers and all machines will be fixable by any interchangeable person replacing parts or debugging software. In a society where there is no work for humans, we will no longer require to be using money. All needs will be provided for free. The objective is attainable, the interesting times through which we live are the between stages, the several lifetimes between where we are now, and achieving that objective. We are now living during the Transition. 

We must first replace the social shibboleths of the old world infrastructure; a need for governance. The further we develop into this culture the more we will realize that the elite caste are not the technocracy but are in fact the military police. Can we overcome the human caste divide by automating the police with robot police? Can you see where the dream of the technocracy is heading toward? Human enslavement to machine entities, AI devices. No wonder we require EMP devices to be available to secure Humanity as a free species, as the dominant species on the globe. Will it be the War against the machine tyranny which will finally unify all creeds of the human species? We have that to look forward to as a very real prospect because it inescapably goes hand in hand with the technocracies vision. 

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