Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Zombi Nation

Zombi Nation

Notes Following Year One Parents Evening At British School

When they accuse me of speaking out of turn, it is because they are conforming to an agenda and a protocol which has not for the value of the meeting been established as the agreed one by all parties. I question why all people are expected to conform to an agenda which has not been contracted between all parties. I also highlight that the necessity for me to speak at all with regard to the relevant topic at hand must be done by way of interruption or assertion because otherwise it would not happen at all, given that the agenda permits no space for it.

Rather than discuss the rudeness of my interrupting the manufactured flow of discourse to assert my wish to discuss primarily the need to discuss what I can bring to the table, and secondarily to become aware of other peoples assumptions; would it not befit and benefit all of higher mind to discuss the topics I as an equal member party of the meeting deem to be worthy of discussing, rather than sidelining them, belittling and ignoring them? They are of value, indeed they are of at least equal value and importance to the topics of the pre-planned agenda which this meeting is purportedly my chance to have a say in. It transpires that my say is irrelevant and that the educational systems mandate agenda for my childs education holds.

My point is that the agenda assumes things to be one way and does not question nor discuss the possibility they may be another way, and that the other way may be superior. Certainly the need to integrate them for a wholesome overview rather than a bias is necessary as any intelligent person can identify. And in failing to achieve this I recognise the sorrowful fact that I am not surrounded by intelligent people - I am surrounded by programmed robots unquestioningly conforming to an agenda which they themselves choose not to have any say in, and discourage others from questioning, labelling those who do question it to be troublemakers and a problem for the agenda.

Yet they do not recognise it as an agenda, they simply perceive it as ‘normal’ because they have been told that it is normal and by habit it has become normal for them. Outsider influence is always necessary to maintain a holistic balance, lest it become a corrupted clique. The notion that the agenda which their human energies of their lives are dedicated might be an abhoration is not something they can easily face up to and any suggestion of it is alarming to them to such extent they dare not discuss it. In pursuit of betterment and comprehension I discover that I have to educate them in such a way thy can accept the message, since they are evidently unable of assimilating what to an outsider is obviously a proper balance, so caught up are they in the monotony of their ritual programming.

It comes down to this, ultimately; a fully functional human is encouraged to use both left and right hemispheres of the brain, equally. A purely left-centric human is broken and not functioning correctly any more than a fully right-centric human is not functioning correctly. A system which systematically schools generations of children to function only left-centric and calls this ‘normal’ while repressing and controlling those natural abilities both for balance and for developing right-thinking is itself a corrupt entity. As a functioning Human I recognise it as a right and as a necessity to address this issue.

A common misperception used as a lever to discredit my argument is that I am attacking the encouragement of left-centric thinking altogether. I am not doing that. I am stating that discouraging right-brain thinking in favour of left-brain thinking is wrong because it results in unbalanced individuals and an imbalanced society. I do see the value of left brain thinking in that it is on the one hand productive and on the other hand enables mathematical and structural thought to develop, it enables productivity within recognisable, communicable forms such as for example writing and drawing. The bias is that to remain fully wholesome a human requires to be right-brain thinking to be able to have original thought, otherwise the person and the society is capable only of regurgitating that which they are told to regurgitate. To create such a society is to create a society of zombies. We need to establish three concepts here; rationality encompasses both creative and logical thinking. Lateral thinking develops only when both left and right hemispheres are equal and balanced. To focus entirely only on logical thought alone results in disability of rationality, disability of creativity, disability of lateral thought, disability of abstract thought; from being able to develop.

This is my defense of the description that my 5 year old is daydreamy and does not always concentrate on his work, is regarded as a problematic behaviour. The recognition that cognitive development occurs regarding both hemispheres of the brain and that daydreaming is a necessary assimilation method of right-brain thinking, is not recognised by the educational systems mandatory agenda, despite what many developmental psychology reports indicate. To control development of right-brain thinking by assertion and encouragement of left-brain thinking at the same time denial of left-brain thinking being controlled by right brain, is worrying because it reduces the chances of a childs developing mind from becoming holistically well balanced. It reduced the chances of that individual becoming successful in the world. It actually retards the natural development of a human being.

The language they use;

'well-adjusted' which means left-brain biased, and
‘normal' which means controllable / programmable

These examples of double-think simply shows how terrible things are, how the left-brain thinkers are psychotic in the true sense of the word and that they are producing generation after generation of psychotics in the true sense of the word by the governments mandate schooling methods.

And for recognising that this is occur in, for encouraging rationale thought processes resulting in awareness that both left and right hemispheres of the brain, logical and creative thinking processes, should both be equally as encouraged to produce a balanced individual, for this; I an shunned, ignored, interrupted by and blamed for interrupting others, sidelined, ridiculed, and so many other ego-responses which the permeaters of the corruption use as methods to feel better about their role as paid zombies. I use the word in its original sense not in the George Romero sense (although I have knowingly spelled its plural in the modern sense and not the original, proper spelling, zomba plural of zombi to highlight how you the reader are also a victim of the state agenda in how you perceive normal programming codes).
The zombies do not like the clear thinkers. This is why the legends describe that they eat brains. You should be able to see the easy analogy here and why what we are doing to our children and therefore to the future of our species is a horror story.

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