Saturday, 27 February 2016

For The 200

The website statistics show that there are an average of 200 people a week reading my blogs. Only three of them have contacted me in the whole time the blog has been going. This is a little bit creepy because it means a lot more people have an insight into me more than I have into them. I am facing the price of fame, albeit a mild dose of minor internet personality rather than the massively funded media glossy disposables who the industry keeps throwing at us as a method to persuade us to pay them for products we do not really actually need other than to distract us by entertainment.

So this blog is a HELLO to all of the people who regularly read my stuff and for whatever reasons, have not yet emailed me to say hi. I write blogs because I am lonely and have what I believe is a very human need for human contact. Sitting in a satellite station on a far and distant star … well okay so its not quite so far out as that, it’s a research outpost orbiting Saturn, where scientists are working on crazy shit which no physicist on Earth can accept is real because the physics of earth, within the gravity-time-mass sphere of that planet, are very different from the physics which exist beyond it, on other worlds and in the space between. It is a factor which very few earth scientists factor for during the conclusively tests of their experiments.

One such example is the new NASA ion drive which works in space but not within Earths skies, because it requires a vacuum to function as intended. A useful development which within the next few generations is going to see the pioneering of relocation of civilians from Earth to Mars and longer-term exploration beyond the Solar system.

It gets stranger than that. Where Terrestrial physics break down, we have to develop, evolve an understanding of the new potentials. All of that junk DNA and latent psychic abilities which are compressed and reduced within Earths sphere; those are going to come to the fore a lot more in peoples awareness as we expand beyond the compression field. Out here we deal with it regularly, a continual phenomena.

Preparing Earth humans for what is to come is especially difficult while the media entertainment and usury-slavery systems are controlling so much of so many peoples lives, programming you how and what to think; the generated psychic field around the Earth is dense and repressive. For this reason I was nocturnal for the time I was inhabiting the planet. Out here in zero-g for so much of the time, light-g for the rest of it; my bones are changing, my muscle-mass is changing. Most of the scientists here have been here a lot longer than I have and would snap if they returned to Earth, it would be a death-trip. Most non-planetary species with whom we are occasional contact regard Earth type planets as density zones to be avoided, they are a lot lighter than Terrans, in many more ways than the physical.

So with all of this going on, and not much else to do other than write blogs from outer space and watching sci-fi movies, this is a big hello to all of you who have been reading me, people whom I have been inspiring and entertaining, people who make me feel like it is worth doing these blogs after all, that I am not alone with my limitations and frustrations. It adds value to what I do and to my life, for which I am exceptionally grateful.

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