Saturday, 27 February 2016

Techno Vampire

Techno Vampire

To comprehend two of the three strands of a complex weave, we recognize the term gothpunk was coined by White Wolf's original World of Darkness series of five books, especially so for Vampire: the Masquerade.

Cyberpunk we know already, as it diverges into dieselpunk, steampunk, solarpunk, is in its purest sense ‘man meets machine in grim city of corporate society and underculture’. This ranges from space pirates fighting aliens to machine-hackers being mind-hacked by machines.

Cyberpunk explores both the good side of technology, the bad side of technology, the good side of humanity, the bad side of inhumanity. Inhumanity is not merely the lacking of humanity, a machine cannot be inhumane. It requires a comprehension of humanity and a choice to turn against it, for a thing to be truly inhumane.

Cybergoth became a thing in itself, different from 'trad-goth meets cyber'. Industrial music inspired originally by rivet-head techno, metal and psytrance, an underground culture of home-made (as was original goth) rather than the corporate edge of drum&bass. Cybergoth as it has become is goth plus 'mad-max in black' plus neon, is primarily a nightclub scene.

Cybergoth has not yet been fully developed nor explored into all the potential directions it should. My primary focus for stimulating this is typically the question; so what does cybergoth architecture actually look like which distinguishes it from cyberpunk architecture?

Everybody says; Gotham city 2000. Except by this they mean Gotham city 2100 because cyberpunk and goth both predate the millennium. Now we are living in an age where references to the past are actually references to the future. Perhaps this is a connection point between trad-goth and cyberpunk.

Between Cyberpunk and Cybergoth is Industrial Goth. It is usually synonymous with cybergoth which as yet is heavily influenced by cyberpunk. These are distinct styles despite the overlap dissolving them into the same thing from an outside perception. I am making the calling; what defines the edges?

It should be argued that cybergoth is what happens when cyber meets goth without the element of punk. In this we will probably find that it is already omnipresent without our having lucidly observed it. Says me drinking more caffiene at 9pm so I can stay up all night playing in VR.

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