Tuesday, 2 February 2016

SexKids Islam and The West

SexKids Islam and the West

This blog is a response to:
1 my viral blog about pedophilia
2 a video post on Google+ by sageb1


it's the end of the world. 
this is why Islamic State arose: to destroy the world's biggest source of decadence.

Islam has a pure monetary system because it is against Gods law to charge interest. That is why the Western economic system is collapsing and full of debt slaves. Westerners reinforce this form of decadence every time they use money. While this is a different issue to gender issues, it is still an aspect of 'decadence' which you introduced here. Technically the west is a satanic system while Islam is not. It is not Islam (which means 'peace' when translated into English language) that is a problem; it is perversion and extremism, which occurs in all groups of all humans everywhere in all cultures throughout all history. Sadly. There may be exceptions but they are probably hiding.


Yet when a man interprets what Allah has said through his prophets for his own agenda, that too is perversion.

This is the legacy of militant Islam that perverts Islam by raining Armageddon on everyone else who these takfiri - and who name their illegal caliphate Islamic State - call kafir, even other Muslims.



To judge an entire theosophy followed by untold billions of people on the actions of a few extremists, is itself extremism.

The caliphate state is illegal in western nations but it is sovereign; the same authority which gives western nations their authority, gives also the caliphate its authority.

There is much which we do not like about them and there is much which they do not like about us. There is much which we do not like about us and there is much which they do not like about them.

The failure of Humanity to sit down and cohesively debate these things in Peace is the failure of Humanity. I am certain that once fundamentalism and segregation is removed from the equation, we will all, us and them, discover that the things we all do not like are the very same things.

On which point, what are we divided about? Who gains from the division? 
Those are the real enemies of Humanity. 

The major concern which the West has is that it is being invaded by Islam. The 2011 Census from Britain shows that 50% of the nation is now Islamic. David Icke explains why it is happening.

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