Thursday, 4 February 2016


"Why do you resent them so much?" 

“They are destroying my reputation with their lies and allegations!”

"They are not destroying your reputation, they are making you famous."

"Famous for something that I have absolutely no interest in being famous for?"

"It is a social issue. You owe society. This is your responsibility."

“Fuck that. I am what I am; a creative. All this is bullshit, issues created to entangle people into the distraction of dealing with it, serving no other purpose but drama which can be exploited. I do not want to play any part in that pathetic game."

"But society needs you to become involved."

"You claim I owe society? I dispute that. It follows that they are requesting my energy; therefore they can have it on my terms. I am not a slave to people who cannot see this for what it is. I do not wish to change my nature to serve those exploiting society. I am what I am.”

“I ah, concede to your point.”

“Thank you! Sense at last. You remind me of those hipsters who go on about the isolated Zoe tribe who have never had contact with modern cultures and are pure and uncorrupted in their ways. How the fuck did we ever hear about them and know about what their ways are if they have never had contact with our tribes? Sure they have a lot to teach about capitalism; that by the time I am saying these words, they are already demanding their human rights for cellphones and forgetting their indigenous primitive ways of harmony with nature.”

“What does that have to do with the issue at hand?”

“Who dictates what the issue at hand is or should be?”

“Either whoever is in control, or it naturally follows.”

“Precisely. Good man. So, who is in control of me? And if I am not in control of myself, that is a definition of psychosis for which people are removed from society.”

“Perhaps another meaning is inferred by the words.”

“I agree that even when the words are written or spoken to mean exactly what the writer or speaker, the originator, intends them to mean; that it is very easy for the next person to interpret them with a completely different intended meaning than the originators purpose.”

“Ah! Now I begin to understand why you have been writing so much about islam and the Generations.”

I nod. It suffices. In this country it means; “yes, I agree." 
In Greece the same had gesture means; “la; I disagree (no you are wrong)."

See HERE for my blog about Islam & Generations.

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