Tuesday, 16 February 2016

TimeCode Node Event 1616022016

Today we had an important Node Event as we measure syncretic Time.

24 hour Clock / Hour Minute Day Month Year

16.16 on 16.02.2016

16 16 16 02 20 16

=8+8 : 8+8 on 8+8 02 20 8+8

We have to wait for a year and a day for another one of those.

16 = 8x2 whereas next year;
17=1+7=8 This is why the cycle is numerically interesting, the same symbols repeat, in different places, doing different things.

It wasn't the same on 14.2nd @ 14.14 2014 (2+5=7) and
it wont be the same on 18th 2nd @ 18.18 2018 (2+9=11)
However, the 2015 and 2016 and 2017 trinity all interelate because they ripple in ring harmonics around todays Node. 
because the 2015 (2+6=8) and 2016 (2+2x8) and 2017 (2+8) numbers represent open and close of a vortex, that trusty old 8 in there; the one day in the middle of which is a powerful node.
These events are each a year and a day apart so there are also other Nodes on that odd day, half a year away. 

There is still some maths and some explaining to do.

See NSG (Number Sync Grid): A maths riddle posed here (see link) hinges on the 8; once having answered the question on the link, divide your answer by 2 and see what happens.

You begin to recognize visually, through the balance of number, the importance not only of mirroring the past and future or left and right sides of the central core (the moment ‘now’) but also how the numbers indicate significant trajectories through the ascending system we use of digit-digit : digit-digit measurable time on the 24 hour clock.

Numerology Codex

1 = direct path MERCURY
2 = polarityVENUS
3 = stability EARTH
4 = axis MARS
5 = diversity JUPITER
6 = exit from lower circuit SATURN
7 = key, ascent (through layers) URANUS
8 = infinity (perpetuation cycles) NEPTUNE
9 = freedom (from the cycle) PLUTO
0 = wholeness, completion PLANET X / SUN

I have included the solar systems planetary associations AS ARE (it used to be very different, back then we were using a different codex so the old assignments are irrelevant to this calendar).

I mentioned there is still some explaining to do.

Note that I am comparing 2 systems here;
first by splitting the Century digits into two so it can be overlaid on the 24 hour Clock digits XX:XX and
second by adding all of the Year digits into a single digit.

Hour Minute Day Month Year

4:4 6 = (13:13 on 13th 2nd 2013)
5:5 7 = (14:14 on 14th 2nd 2014)
6:6 8 = (15:15 on 15th 2nd 2015)
7:7 9 = (16:16 on 16th 2nd 2016)
8:8 10 (=1) = (17:17 on 17th 2nd 2017)
9:9 11 (=2) =  (18:18 on 18th of 2nd 2018)
10:10 12 (=3) = 19:19 on 19th 2nd 2019)

Q: Why is it significant that this is measured from 2nd month?
A: Because the second month is 02 and the year is 20XX.
That is the point by which we measure this balance, this trajectory.

To measure it from the 1st month and the 3rd month changes the trajectory.
1st month : 20XX =  01:20— = 3 (stability)
2nd month : 20XX = 02:20— = 4 (axis)
3rd month : 20XX =  03:20— = 5 (versatility)

We are measuring Vortex, windows which stream through and change their shape during their journey. We measure them at and from key significant points as measured on the TimeCode we call 24 hour clock of the 365 day year calendar system unique to planet Earth.

16.16 on 16.02.2016

= 7:7 on 7.2.27 OR 7.2.9 OR 9.9 (9+9=18=9)
(standard numerology system of adding all non-single numbers until they conform to between 1 and 9)

=8+8 : 8+8 on 8+8 . 02 . 20 8+8
(dualism/polarity system based on century and month indicators)

When you know that 8 = infinity and 2 = duality (and 9 = freedom) you have some serious concepts mirroring, balancing, opening and expanding from this particular precise number so far as trajectories measure vortex within the mathematical grid.

You probably do not think in this way about numbers. 
Multi-dimensionally, abstractly until you recognize the trajectories conforms to patterns.
Then we assign these Paths and Patterns to Events in our lives which occur simultaneously with them, the important Node Events. It is those which we are keeping track of.

Further Research

Auriglyphica (incomplete web version A and link to version B)
DIGIT and LEXIQ (software codex utilizing mirrored duality system)

Of further and related interest: WTF3

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