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This blog is a response to Sekhmet Speaks videoblog HERE also follows my struggles attempting to explain the information I have toward the saturn-moon matrix thing which Ickes latest book gives a fraction of the information about but does not include all of it, hence his conclusion is doom-saying and hostile toward a structure which to my understanding has been placed to protect us from ourselves as a necessary part of species evolution.

How “natural” would we be if we were chaotic and not aligned as a global species, toward the same cohesion? Perhaps a better question is, how functional would we be? Could we function at all? 

If every bodies bio-rhythm and mental flow was not gridded to the same grid, we would all be individual and unique. We would mutate, physically, emotionally, mentally, we would diversify rapidly. All of that “junk dna” would become active and change our physical appearance away from the human form, it would change our emotions and how our minds work. You know how different are the different animal species? We would become more like that. The animals would also mutate into different forms from how the moon grid is setting them to be. Our 13 cycle biorhythms and 12 cycle minds (which creates a painful friction, we call ‘being out of balance’) would change; not only to stop using the 13:20 moon cycles but also to stop using the 12:60 satanic timecode.

There is an ancient legend that once, all the faye species had to protect themselves from the emerging global domination by homo sapiens, so they went into the human form themselves. There is another legend from the Mayan about the 6th Age. True connection with Self to the level where we return to our true form and bring that into the dimension of time-mass, wearing our spirit bodies as physical bodies, being those shapes, accessing those dimensions which the homo sapiens form has latent ability for: it means a change on the scale we can barely comprehend. We would barely recognise one another. We would have no mutual language nor common frames of reference. We would cognate data so diversely as to be ineffective at collaboration. In many ways we can barely achieve it even now while gridded.

We still have racial prejudice because other peoples skin is a different colour. When the global 6th age occurs, people will start looking wildly different. We have basic concepts, from visionary writers: Tolkiens Lord of the Rings where different species co-exist, elves goblins trolls humans dwarfs. Clive Barkers Weaveworld in which no two individuals are alike in ability nor shape - that is closer to it. Our bloodlines contain the latent mutations. 

The current generations are being educated into the divergence between werewolf’s and vampires through the illuminate medium of hollywood. Most people could not cope with watching a street full of so many different types. And the requirements of those types to maintain their wholistic stability. For example, some people are diabetic and need insulin injections. Some divergent 6th Agers will require fresh blood to sustain themselves, while others will produce bio-chemical commodities they will be hunted for because of the street value. 

Life in the 20th/21st centuries is already chaotic beyond our ability to cope with hence requirement for militia policing the planet albeit toward agenda’s most people regard as corrupt, they at least conform toward the notion of stability. When  a percentage of the population sprout wings, learn they can time-jump, teleport, start fires with their eyes, heal by kissing, piss liquid gold, cause everyone who see’s them to fall in love, send out shockwaves which knock people out, well the list is endless. Physical mutations as we come into our own true power, perhaps we are all going to be able to shapeshift, it will undermine the infrastructure of control completely, we will have total chaos on the planet. 

The moon grid is there to protect us from this until we are all ready to cope with it. Some people are greedy and desire it before proving their responsibility of so much evolutionary empowerment. The world was flooded with spiritual disciplines, paths to help us achieve that responsibility, for those who are proving worthy of even knowing about what the future will contain. A small amount will be attained by genetic modification but most of it will happen naturally when the moon-grid is shut off, which it will be, when the time is right. More than this, as a part of the grid and the way that it works, souls are going around in circles, transmigrating from lifetime to lifetime, reincarnated to learn the lessons over and over again. 

At the moment a wave of frustration because it feels like a prison to us. We have to accept that which we cannot change and in doing so, a process starts within us, a process toward becoming more responsible for our actions. We cannot exist as dragons until we prove that we are not going to burn the world with our flames. It is timed so that we will all arrive at more or less the same time, there will be several waves of incarnating into the timezone of the 6th age after the grid comes down. We should be trusting that grid is there to protect us all instead of hating it. It was placed there to help us. 

We are only just beginning to come to terms with the scale of evolution and what we are involved in here and it is not a horror story, it is something amazing. We are beginning to taste what we truly are. A necessary part of this is realisation of self, and realisation of self comes along with responsibility of self. Simply because you feel righteous in your belief that you deserve to be fully all that you are, does not mean you are ready to be all that you are. The grid will only come down when you are able to choose not to reflexively kill a bunch of people simply because you are having a bad day. That is one of the gates you have to pass through to access it. Otherwise, you will go around in another loop. 

The incentive we have to stabilise ourselves so that we are able to leave the grids, is that if we do not do so now, by doing a lot of self-work this generation; we will miss an important window and have to go around the whole cycle again and through a worse purgatory than this lifetime might sometimes seem to be. That is a tension lever. The incentives are built in. Self glorification is another trap which we have to overcome. There are so many. 

Only when we are pure enough, streamlined enough, by proving we are wise and responsible; only then can we slip through without being reincarnated back into the matrix. The process of being totally ready for the next stage is what prepares us for it. They do not want monsters in heaven, and so they set these gates. The self-work we do here is what gives us the ability to become more fully ourselves, not as monsters but as divine and empowered entities. As homo sapiens we barely have the imagination potential to achieve it and yet our genes contain the data so that eventually, when we are ready, it will grow into the right forms, that which is best optimal. Without the moon grid, we would already have mutated into monsters instead of into the best possible thing for us to be.

This is how I understand the necessity for the grid being there. I question everything and confess that within infinite probability, it might be that I have been programmed by the leech to tell people about it in these terms so that our life force energy can continue being drained, it is possible after all but at least I am aware of it and open to discuss the potential. Or it might be that the leech is merely some other monster which latched onto the process of our spiritualisation. In either case; I choose to understand the reality-situation with the best possible light, because to do otherwise is to be lesser than understanding the best possible light. 

When I made that conscious choice, everything arranged itself into a better focus for me to find out what is happening. To see how everything fits together from the mind of the best possible light gives direction as how to attain that trajectory. Why choose otherwise? And so all adversity to that understanding is necessarily regarded as a confusion by those who do not have such insight nor holistic contemplative integrity. I found no better teacher than this way of being and so I chose to continue with it as my guide. If it is wrong data I can only apologize to those to whom I might inadvertently be leading astray. I suggest only that you trust your own instincts about all things.

Tesseract: a 4th dimensional hypercube.

A lot of interesting history HERE - except for be aware that it was a mistake to make the yin-yang into a gender divide, because the black as female and white as male is equally as true as the other way around. It is better to describe these energies as Ida and Pingala or as Assertion and Yielding Flow. Both genders have both - we are designed to balance and regulate each other. Kundalini is the topic for another blog.

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