Thursday, 18 February 2016

Making Waves

Is observing repeatedly that when people have an Intent to prove their point, it creates a Wave and that other people get caught in that wave and it affects their behaviour. I do not know yet if there is a name for this thing but I am certain that in ancient times there probably was. Let me explain.

For you to prove your point, you need someone who you can use as a buffer, someone to get caught in your game, to act in a certain way, to prove that point. So you send out your desire to the universe and the universe sets a grid, and then happens along some person who is caught in the grid of your Attention game, and they act exactly in rhythm to how your Intent has programmed that grid to act.

For example; my mate wants to prove herself a healer, so she requires broken people to heal. Then, a string of broken people fall on her lap. The problem is, had she not originally decided to prove herself a healer, none of those people would have become broken in the first place. She claims the reward for being recognized as a healer with a necessary role in society and many people thank her for it.

But do you not see: had she not told the universe her intent to be that thing, there would have been no need for those people to have suffered in the first place. In a world where humans have divine power to manifest, and some realise it before the others, we have also a responsibility not to catch up everyone else in our wave, as we manifest our desire to be egotistical, non-human, face-value humanitarians.

It is a form of energy vampirism, an advanced form of it but nevertheless it is vampiric.

Does this make sense to any of you? That it works this way, when people use power of intent, and other people get entangled into that attention-grid. It changes other peoples behaviour and problem-reaction-solution the one who caused the problem by sending that thought out into the universe, is at face value the same one who everyone ends up seeing as the solution, and rewarding them for it with sending them positivity in gratitude.

Make the associations! 

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