Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ripple Harmonics

This blog is a copy-block-quote from an ongoing email conversation with a friend who has been proof-reading and editing some of my more professional (ie: for publication for profit) writing. Naturally the topic diverges as I find ways to express clearly that which it is I am attempting to express.

This is not primarily about Islam, it is intentionally about Focus. However from my study of Islam which is fast taking over Britain as the major religious belief, it does indeed seem a sensible pursuit to research what it is all about. A lot of it is attempting to express the same thing that I am. So, the following;

I am writing heavily about that regarding Islamic theosophy at the moment. The lifestyle of the fundamentalists, those who do what the prophet said compared with those who do what the prophets 2nd generation taught them... in christianity there are true christians (who follow christs word) then the next generation - the disciples - then there are the disciples students. It mutates very quickly. In Islam translated into English, this word 'generation' does not mean only 'grandchildren and descendents' it means also something else and it is crucial to understanding islam to know the difference. Most people do not.

A person who lives as christ/mohammed told us to live is closer to purity, is therefore of the first generation. You or I could conceivably be the first generation by living rigidly to that doctrine, even though we are thousands of years after the death of the Prophets. The word generation means 'how pure or compromised'. Sharia is a comprimise, and contemporary sharia is a comprimise of that comprimise but it is not the only possible form a comprimise can take, and it is also not harmonious to western thinking which is another form of a comprimised comprimise.

We need to establish a new cohesive, clear, first generation which integrates global mindset of Now given our current global multicultural and technology and implications. However by the time we establish it in the hearts and minds of the people... things will have moved on faster than we anticipated. This has always been the problem which is why Islam speaks only of 3 generations and then the Outsiders who are not part of those 3 generations at all, one definition of them is 'impure'; however this suggests it is okay to kill them to maintain the pure. Facepalm.

How to express this succinctly?

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