Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lessons from Empathy

What happens when a dog bites you is that it uses its tooth to teach you a grain, this cuts deep into insight and that is why dogs bite humans, to teach us; the same way they teach each other by biting each other. There is something about the way that they cut, when they bite, they mark the skin to allow it to remember, it conveys a lot more information than a mere puncture wound from a mindless object. Usually they do not pierce the skin when they bite. Dogs play rough, they have thick skin and fur and they heal much faster than humans because their thoughts are purer and less scattered, distracted by indoctrination. Dogs do not have opposable thumbs; to a dog, use of teeth as communication is normal part of the Way; yet the taboo of biting a human is broken only when it is deemed absolutely necessary. Humans are trained not to understand Dogs. A dog that bites is killed. Only after you have lived with and love dogs and have been bit by them and still love them, understanding their mentality by living with them, their way; can you really know what I am trying to say here. That grain stays for ever and the spirit of the dogs advice to you stays for ever. It is imparted instinctively, translated into knowledge as we are designed to do when we function properly, naturally. It is not a part of human culture to go around biting each other so it seems frightening and wild to us. I grew up with dogs and I accept 'the jungle of life' to include such insights, and I accept dogs as teachers. From study of martial arts I learned that to accept a sensei's lesson might be harsh but to trust that harshness is to trust sensei's superior insight into what is better for us. Why the dog bit me for no apparent reason was after some thought simply to sharpen me up because he could see that I needed that grain if i was to survive the life he could sense I would have. I am grateful for it, memory-scars and all. Dogs know a lot more than humanity. They are used to 'the pack' and finding strength in 'the pack' is to feel an overlay of all the other pack members within the energy field of myself alone. This energy can be drawn from, even after the individual members of the pack are gone; l because dogs are spiritualists, because they know the truth of transmigration that most humans have forgotten. This is why they are so dedicated, so faithful. That pack energy overlay is superior and focussed compared to the individual alone. Listen to two or more dogs barking, how they echo each other, how they speak-as-one to sound louder. They know how to use energy in ways that educated, brainwashed humans are oblivious to. They experience most of their world through scent. They smell emotions. They smell health and unhealth. They communicate in scent and so it is that scent markings contain as much abstract data as a book does to a human. Dogs are inherently honest; they smell lies, they know a bad person because they smell a persons intentions. They comprehend human speech fluently because they hear it so much, although their vocal chords cannot say it. They co-evolved with humanity; we did not tame them any more than they tamed us. Their hearts are more pure than human hearts. Perhaps their biggest lesson is to trust in pure hearts. Deceipt will be ragged. They know about how to make community work. With dogs there is a natural pack order. Dogs are not happy unless they know their place and role in it. Humans are perhaps different from this in that although we are tribal, we generally equate freedom with individuality and to struggle against slavery is a human trait. There is no such thing as a bad dog; only that it is a sign of a bad owner. I should also add to this note: what to do if a dog ever attacks you is to grab its front legs by the shins or feet and open your arms out wide. It pops their hearts instantly; a cruelty free death. Preferably get its mouth over your shoulder as fast as you can or you risk a face wound before you can split it. If you are not fast enough to grab a savage dog by the front legs to kill it in self defense, then you evidently do need a lesson, of the sort to be found outside of accepted human civilized ways of being. This is not a cruelty to animals issue, I am talking about practical self defense against being attacked here. If a human attacked me I would fight back against that too although the techniques for disabling humans are different from those of a dog attack. I will not write down methods for harming humans in facebook, it does not appear to be the proper place for such teaching. Our ancestors, hunter-gatherers, were fitter, faster, stealthier, worked together as a community, much more than we do in this supermarket and tv era. We are designed to hunter-gather, we were healthier then than we are now, although modern medicine improves chances of surviving childbirth and we have averted many of the nastier diseases. Our ancestors hunted and were hunted by, in equal measure, some very brutal nasty animals, on a regular basis. There is evidence from archeology that humans and dinosaurs co-existed. Our ancestors fought dinosaurs with sticks and stones and their wits. Could you do that? Evolution is about progress, adaptation, but when we consider how tame our civilisation is and how we cannot thrive as easily as our ancestors thrived, that if a tribe of stone-age humans were to fall through a time-hole into todays world they would whip our arse before we could defend ourselves, I have to question - are we really that much better off today than we used to be before 'progress' ? Jared Diamond, the Rise and fall of the Third Chimpanzee, he mentions that hunter-gatherers spent 15 hours a week acquiring food and all the rest was leisure time. Compare that to your 9-5 slog of 40 hours a week so that you can fund toxic food from tescos, pay to rent your designer cave and watch digital brainwash. The same book analyses that human genitals are far larger than our closest genetic relatives chimpanzees (1.6% dna difference from humans) and gorillas (2.8% dna difference from humans), therefore that all those extra leisure hours per week were largely given over to making out, and this is a major factor in how we as a species out-evolved all the other species and ended up retro-inventing 'technology' from crashed ufo parts. It also talks about how we are the only species that constantly wars against itself to the extent of bioweapons, nuclear warheads, and worse. Inherent in human nature is the need to fight, therefore the need for an enemy. I observe that we are FAILING to breed this trait out of the species. Believing that there is a reason for everything, I anticipate that when we do finally leave planet earth and enter the stars, we are going to have to fight 'things' that we cannot yet imagine. This 40K year period of technological development to arm ourselves is happening for a reason. We are designer killers and we are designer sluts. We are perfected for life on this planet, we have not changed much for 40K years or more. Once we leave the planets surface we will mutate because we will not be trapped by a stable gravity zone and environment that we have adapted to here. The reason why humanity is not being allowed to leave the planets surface by advanced aliens, but we are allowed to develop weapons and sexual abilities, is because the advanced aliens can see further and deeper into the requirements for space civilisation than our collective mind is able to at this time. We have to accept this factor of life. And while we decide individually to live in PEACE with one another and not to fight, we have also spiritual development, study of abilities to occupy what little free time we do have. first published on facebook 13.9.2012

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