Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Binding of Time

The Binding of Time

In the shop I saw the shop guy with a moustache like he used to have in the previous incarnation.  He is clean shaven but I saw him briefly through the veil. The new shop girl I know her too from before. A cycle ago. I realized that the number of people in the world today is made not only of souls of animals from their previous lifetimes and souls of humans from previous lives – all the same souls, but wearing human body.

Souls from all over different places in time are gathered here at this time. The man over there; he was last on the planet 200 years ago. The woman over there, she was last on the planet 400 years ago. This is how it works.

Once, several years ago, I saw the hologram of tree’s. I had been taking White powder Gold at the time, Ormus. The hologram of trees is the lightbody pattern and it is five times bigger than the tree’s physical body. Because we do not have 100% maximum nutrition therefore the physical world is stunted. It decays at a faster rate than the lightbody pattern. We would be ten feet tall if we achieved it, slender and elongated forms. CS Lewis used the word Seroni to describe this in his book Out of the Silent Planet.

I spoke with my neighbour who told me that her mother would be over a hundred years old by now. I remembered about how if we had optimum 100% health at all times we would live for a few hundred years. The body is a lesser form than the ideal of the lightbody, the hologram.

The lightbody is closer connected to the soul. It is our optimum form. Therefore the lightbody is set to live for several hundred years although the physical body does not very often achieve this. After the physical body has passed, the lightbody is still encoded into the reality grid. This is what one form of ghosts are. Our lives are dealing with overlaps of the past. The energy of the ancestors affects us, affects places. This can be attuned to by the sensitive.

In the car I stared at my hands, five fingers, I am in human form now. I woke up somewhat. I was a different form previously. It is the grade 5 coffee awakening me to this, very clean java. I am not on Ormus now but the frequency I am riding at this time has achieved this particular integration and insight.

Physical particles follow the form of the lightbody. As far as the path of a life is concerned, the medicine journey, Ka, this is the weave we activate as we pass through the grid. Particle physics attempt to grow toward the perfect form of the holographic lightbody. All the world is made of this, it is what holds it together. Because ‘mass = time’, the physics of the material world are such that time is created by the flow of physical particles attempting to achieve the lightbody form.

The souls repeat appear here because of resonance. Only when the internal dynamics of the souls own energy shifts to a different configuration, the harmonic changes it is no longer applicable to return to the frequency of the manifestation of 'now'; it may relocate to higher vibrational dimensions. The future is a higher vibrational dimension. This gives the illusion of linear progress as observed from within the physical/time based structure. 

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