Monday, 22 October 2012

Vino Draco

I bought a bottle of south Australian red wine today. 

I don't drink often. 

I drank (a small number) of bottles of whiskey,
when I had superbug alien man flu that lasted 8 weeks. 

Before that I drank some cider when I was seeing friends this time last year. 

Before that, several years of sobriety. 

And before that, 
a dream in which the pixies basically told me straight: 
get off the booze and eat fish&fruit or I would be fucked up for good. 

Before that I drank quite a lot of Morgans Spiced Rum as a method of soothing the desperate pains of giving up chain smoking spliffs for many long years. During which there was a phase of cider addiction when I was part of a music production obsessed street crew.  

  It has been probably 15 years since I was able to drink red wine
because of the association I have with it and my ex from art school
who I deeply passionately adored. 
It was a magickal relationship. 

We used to drink it a lot. 
Not quite constantly, but frequently. 
 She was a brilliant artist and a great dancer. 
We traveled together and studied together
and tearing us apart was a cruel reptilian christian thing for the older generation to do. 
It has taken me this long to recover from it. 

Buying the wine is a sign that I am. 
This blog isn't supposed to be about that though, or alcohol. 

This blog is intended to be about Art. 

It has been 15 years since I last really got into drawing enough to become focused on a project, caring enough about it, to see it through to wherever it naturally wants to lead me. 
A few scribbles here and there but nothing for real, until now. 
I haven't felt like an artist since I left art school. 

The dragon at the top of the page is one resolution. 
The drawing below is called forth from imagination. 

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