Thursday, 11 October 2012

worlds & webs

When you read my words I hear your thoughts and feel your moods. Thus my novels remain unpublished. When you hear my songs we enter one anothers souls and merge, thus my albums remain uncopied masters in a drawer. When you think in judgement of me, you close so many doors because my true nature is more open than your pain, and to reflect your delusion; the mirrored surface of an ocean. We have to cleanse the vibe between us. It is the chessboard of a world that shapes us. Made of gridded extensions of our beliefs cast as light-waves. It should be a joyous relief to us both and all others caught in its web. We have to cleanse the vibe between us because its stagnation is dishonour to our love. To cast a net in hate is to catch bad fish for toxic suppers. first published on facebook 22.7.2012

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