Monday, 15 October 2012

Prana Instinct be

In a book on buddhism I have been reading, the word "prana" is translated as "instinct".
Prana is usually defined as chi, which means 'life force energy'. It is all so much simpler to understand that prana, instinct and 'the force' are all the same thing! The Flow is a better word for it than the Force. A good jedi works with the force. A dark jedi misuses the force; questions, separates self from prana, uses mind instead of instinct to make decisions. This is the human problem; the divorce from nature. As animals we flow with the truth, and why question it? Humans questioned it, our mind split and we separated from instinct. An evolutionary leap into a different perceptual dimension. Yaqui sorcerers claim this happened when our species was invaded by extra-dimensional entities that we describe as 'reptilians' so they can use us as host bodies to come through into our world. The expulsion from Eden. first published on facebook 14.10.12

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