Thursday, 11 October 2012

from the mouth of babes

from the mouth of babes; "I was sad when granny stole my toys because me and my mum moved to see dad." This is what the court case is all about. The boy drew this picture today after we told him that the new CAFCASS officer appointed to our case is truthful and that she quoted him directly to the Judge. She is his 'independant' voice in court after the Judge issued a 9-5 order. The previous officer has been dismissed from duty because apparently we are not the first people who have caught her lying to set people up, misrepresenting families, and being abusive. The position is unmonitored which raises alarm bells as to how the system has gotten to be so corrupt. We are an example of why 'Grandparents Rights' legislation is NOT always a good idea. Anybody who would rather take their own kids to court rather than act in a friendly civilised manner and come to some reasonable arrangement with them, preferring to use children as pawns in their intimidation campaigns and in doing so endanger the children with conspiracies to have them put into care, is not a safe person for children to grow up around. Thankfully the courts psyche reports about the grandparents said something similar. Abuse and manipulation is NOT the order of the day here. first published on facebook 25.1.2011

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