Friday, 12 October 2012 POLICED BY CONSENT Please Note* Lioness Law ONLY protects UK residents or those governed by UK legislation. Other countries (such as the USA) may NOT be policed by consent! A PRELIMINARY NOTICE BEFORE CLAIM will be Served by Special delivery upon the Chief Constable of the relevant Constabulary. That document along with included evidence, establishes as a legal argument, the following: 1. that the UK is policed by consent; and 2. that the bearer of a Lioness Law ID card does not consent to be policed; and 3. that there is no business between the parties at that point; and 4. that the term ‘force’ has been defined; and 5. that the term ‘ultra vires’ has been defined; and 6. that the term ‘void order’ has been defined; and 7. that the term ‘Lioness Law’ has been defined; and 8. that the document contains a valid and legally enforceable contract; and 9. that penalties apply should the constabulary use statutory rules or force against thebearer of a Lioness Law ID card; and 10. that the bearer of a Lioness Law ID card has withdrawn any implied right of access to their person and property; and 11. that the constabulary appears to be criminally complicit according to the Rome Statute of the Criminal Court, Article 25(3); and 12. that assistance with complying with LIONESS LAW has been offered; and 13. that an opportunity to discuss matters outside of court has been offered; and 14. that the constabulary is required to acknowledge receipt of the Preliminary Notice within 21 days of receiving it. Consent is required, as stated by Teresa May MP, Home Secretary & Minister for women and equalities, on the Mainstream BBC news when she stated, “the way we police in the UK is by consent”. YouTube “England riots - Theresa May on whether to use army”, 9 August 2011. [@ 2:32 minutes]. She also said “The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities.'” The Daily Mail, 9 August 2011. “A strong connection between police and public is the foundation of policing by consent”. Metropolitan Police Website - under the section entitled "a voice for the public”. (recently that website has not been available. The information is also displyed at the Home Ofice website: Simon Reed, vice-chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: "Before we have any inquiry we have a kneejerk reaction from the prime minister. We have real concerns about direct entry to the police service as we believe that in order to understand and appreciate the importance of policing by consent and the style of operational policing in this country, everyone should start at the rank of constable. We also have an entirely different legal system in this country to that used overseas and it is imperative that senior officers and leaders in policing have a real working knowledge of it." The Guardian newspaper, Wednesday 20 July 2011. Rechard Auladin (JP - Enfield), Deputy Chair (2004-2008) & current Member of the Metropolitan Police Authority said: "… it is back to this business of policing by consent. You cannot enforce any policy on members of the public" at the Conformation Hearing Committee on 15 February 2010 in which London Mayor Boris Johnson proposed Rechaud Auladin as Vice chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority. (p8). "America polices in a different way to what we do over here. Here we police by consent; that consent has been shown in swathes in recent days with the support we’ve had from members of the public. Americans police by force; we don't want to do that in this country," Paul Deller of the Metropolitan Police Federation. REUTERS. 14August 2011. reuters What is LIONESS LAW? Having established that the UK is policed by consent and that the bearer of a Lioness law ID card does not consent; and that the CONSTABULARY IS AWARE OF THE FOREGOING, this paragraph defines the term ‘Lioness Law’ which is also known as ‘Law of the Lioness’: "Any attempt at holding the Claimant liable to statute will be construed as force and shall be void. Any demand for compliance will be construed as force and shall be void". This little video should explain what you need to know and answer the majority of questions you may have Any act of force INTENTIONALLY used against the bearer shall mean the Constabulary entering into contract, the terms and conditions of which are accepted by performance. You are entitled to send a TRUE BILL (in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act 1882). 1. Should your TRUE BILL be dishonured, the matter may go to civil court on the basis of BREACH OF CONTRACT. 2. The evidence will already be with the defendant. 3. The court will scrutinise the contract for technical faults. 4. The only argument {other than questioning the legal soundness of the contract} will be that we are NOT policed by consent in the UK. This revelation will mean admitting the UK is a Fascist, Police State and the rule of law does not exist! DO YOU USE BRITISH TRANSPORT? Why not register... NOW!!! 'TAKE PART' or select from the menu on the left (above). If you would like to help The Lioness continue challenging the law IN COURT on YOUR behalf, please consider donating whatever you can afford. The price of a coffee; help with cost of applications; the price of paper, ink and postage; help with traveling costs; help with payment of the other parties' costs when things don't go swimmingly - it all helps. The Lioness is not able to pay for ALL of this vital research alone and I'm sure nobody would expect her to. 'Justice', sadly, is not free... IMPORTANT: The Lioness is not qualified to give legal advice; she does not give legal advice and will not enter into correspondence regarding any individual legal problem. Information contained on this website is NOT a substitute for legal advice.

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