Monday, 15 October 2012

Infinite Repeat Syndrome

I am a man coming to terms with the world which is to say I'm coming to terms with myself. The unification process of governance into two hemispheres; china and the west. We're trying to comprehend it based on limited knowledge. I don't believe the right reaction is to shout abuse at them and try to stop them. They're doing it. We can't change it so we have to accept. To comprehend from their point of view why they are doing it. Why they think its the right thing. Is it a runaway train or is it for the higher good? They're not doing it because they want to kill us all. If they wanted to kill us all they'd kill us all. We don't want to lose regional traditional customs in favour of corporate monoculture. What are we trying to preserve? What survives to be passed between generations is the culture in transition, the process of change is the culture. Do we really want to hold on to all that hatred and teach our kids by example that is how we should be? first published on facebook 14.10.2012

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