Thursday, 11 October 2012


scan of cellphone: KAT "You do realise we are playing with fire here xxx" KAT "Sorry was ment for someone else" JOY "Facebooked" KAT "Huh?"
There are two paradigms. 1. One is about abuse, control, slavery, sneakiness, lying, conformity, serial-monogamy. It uses words such as cheating, affair, betrayal and punishment. Closed relationships that are energy bondage and power games. 90% of them begin with good intentions and then fail, either creating hostility cycles or never seeing each other again. It is for people who haven't come to terms with their emotions yet. 2. One is about love, truth, trust, friendship, compassion, understanding. It uses words such as freedom, responsibility, tribal, forgiveness, fun, sharing. It is mutually respectful. Open relationships that survive long-term are for people coming to terms with their emotions who are realistic about human nature. 3. The third group is very, very rare in the west. True monogamy. It makes matrimony the core of the relationship. Exclusive intimate relationships that last until and beyond death. This is the most loving and selfless type of relationship. It works only with compatible, supportive partners. Forgiveness and open conversation about feelings with purpose of both partners sharing both points of view non-judgementally is the key to success. In life, most people experience the first type, often repeatedly with different people. Some people have the maturity, compassion and common sense to deal with the second type of relationship. Very few people achieve the third. The reason why I made the statement 'this one is deserved to go public' is because of a person from category 2 who pretended to be from category 1 claiming to want category 3 and bullied her partner into conforming to category 1. Society is changing and these issues deserve examination, exploration, as they are about human relationships. Summary: 1. Control bond 2. Realism 3. Matrimony 'Matrimony' it means 'the art of dedicated relationship'. It is not the same as 'marriage' but it is the most important part of a marriage. Phonemic Etymology: Ma, mother / manifest (make).* Mat, law (properly interpreted as 'natural way') Ri, way of sunlight. (Ri is 'servant of Ra on path to return to Ra'). Mon, monogamy. One. Unity. Mar, divert from purity (into ri) / to mark / to err. (In this context, to claim responsibility for putting right) Age, long-term. Compare 'En-gage' as 'gauge', to weigh. Ge, (to) earth. Combined with Mar (Mars), Ri indicates masculine principle where Ma indicates female principle. The word Rise is associated with male sexuality. The hidden subtext of sexual relations. Mon also becomes moon, is also Latin for mountain and a word for 'female pubic bone'. These phonemes are from ancient Egyptian. *symbol 'M' signifies a path cut by water. See 'V' for valley, Va-Ley. How do english words from Norse & Anglo-Saxon have the same components & concepts & contexts as ancient Egyptian? Babel! What I love about these words is how the male and female contexts weave in and out of each other. The word tells a lot more than both contexts at once. Tri= 3 Mon= 1 the three into one. This insight comes from my lifelong study of and passion for symbolism and Egyptian Freemasonry. Kat and Joy are symbolic names. 'nu' is a symbol in itself (check out this music that came up on fb for me to listen to while writing this scroll, it sounds similar to Burial; niruam "Music, Noises, ideas for myself first but... But as a friend said, it's selfish to keep it for myself so.") oct = 8, the mobius loop, 2 full circles meeting at a mid-point. 11 = two pillars (kundalini) When I typed this description of Kats new phone number into my phones memory so I could see which one she was using at the time, I had absolutely no idea This is an example of Gemetria. For this lesson in how symbolism is so deeply entrenched in our lives, to be revealed, her activities had to fall into a certain shape. We are dealing with Fate and therefore it is wrong for us to make judgement of other people, because what we are dealing with is that our lives are the acting out of maths codes set into the matrix. Given a choice to shrug our shoulders and choose to remain happy by forgiving and accepting people for what we really are, instead of getting angry because reality does not conform to fictional ideas, the sensible person must identify our system above in this way: To begin with we are stuck in a cycle of Type 1 relationships. Sooner or later we are forced to deal with Type 2 relationships. Some people bypass Type 1 and go directly for Type 2. Only by accepting Type 2 over Type 1 can we achieve Type 3. There are 2 exceptions; the very very rare and lucky couple who go straight to Type 3. Or more often, enforced Type 3 which is really a form of Type 1. First published on facebook 28.7.2012

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