Thursday, 11 October 2012


A necessary call for trans-genderism or; Stop slagging men off in the community and calling them paranoid! When you turn a woman down for a baby by you, she goes on a vendetta. That I do not want to bring a child up in an environment of hostility that inevitably develops does not seem to occur to her. These women see men as a) sperm donor, b) energy source and c) money source. The lack of empathy for a potential father is an identifier for the lack of empathy such a woman has toward her children, who of course teach her this but only if she can get rid of the father. I intend to be a strong figure in the life of my children and for this reason I am not looking for a bunny boiler. I am looking for somebody who is for real about the whole thing. That I live in a society where at the age of 35 I have not yet met anybody of this category who is not already with a long term partner father to the kids says a great amount about the problems with this society. I do not believe it says anything much about myself other than I do not intend to become entangled with abusive women. When I discuss this with ‘happily together’ friends they tell me that it is not that I am inferior in relationships; remind me that I have proven to provide the stability required; it is that women need risk, change and independence as much as stability. Therefore that I should be enjoying my single bachelor status by playing the field. I am celibate for the reasons that I do not wish to become entangled with dysfunctional women on vendettas against men. As a qualified counselor specializing in behavioural psychology and transactional analysis it is my professional opinion that the lack of strong male figures in the lives of developing children and children being raised exclusively by women is the major reason why an underlaying anger toward men exists in the first place. This will and can not be remedied by further parental alienation. It is due to Consumerism that brainwash victims regard partners as disposable possessions to be owned. Personally I do not want to have children with somebody who does not respect me. I assert that the need for stability, risk, change and independence is as valid for men as it is for women and I question the integrity of any society where the voices of women outspeak the voices of men as pure sexism; where genderism is even an issue given that beyond body we are all the same soul. Their describing what I consider a necessary self defense as an aggression is another neo-fem control technique. first published on facebook 19.9.2012

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