Thursday, 11 October 2012

forced propagation method

I love this stuff! Method: 1. take plant cutting. 2. poke it in rooting gel. 3. pot it in compost. 4. water compost. 5. wrap pot in (semi-) translucent plastic bag. 6. place on windowsill out of direct sunlight. 7. leave for 2 weeks before removing bag. 8. treat as normal pot plant. ALSO: Seed-growing directions modified from Chilterns Instructions; 1. water tray of potting compost. 2. sew seeds on top of compost. 3. place tray in (semi-) translucent plastic bag. 4. place out of direct sunlight. 5. leave for 2-3 weeks before removing bag. 6. when shoots are large enough, repot them. The method of watering the soil prior to planting seeds, and use of a polythene mini- tropical greenhouse environment (warm and moist) to force propagation, gives me an 80% success rate with nurturing saplings & cuttings of many species, from herbs to tree's. QUESTION: what does this tell you about the REASON WHY 'the global elite' want to create a tropical greenhouse environment (warm and moist) on the planet, by using chemtrails / weather modification; taking into account that without chemtrails we would have a desert planet in a few short years??? ALSO: the reason I make a distinction about 'watering the soil' during forced propagation process is because the rest of the time, usually, I use the formula; "water the pot, not the plant' - otherwise the water soaks the nutrients out of the soil to the bottom. By watering the pot, the soil draws the moisture up to the roots and encourages healthy root growth. first published on facebook 12.6.2012

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