Thursday, 11 October 2012

misuse of genetic predisposition

We are entering into an era of dna databases. Comparison of prison inmates with their genetics becomes more viable. This will establish not only which bloodlines are more likely to be criminal but also which are more likely to be caught. Criminal bloodlines successful at not being caught and imprisoned are exempt from this comparison. Once having established that there is a gene predisposing criminal activity and of what type (and of being caught) the society has a choice to persecute these bloodlines. The comparison might equally as validly prove there to be no such thing and that genetic predisposition toward criminality is a myth. Social factors such as parenting, schooling and life conditions and prospects must also be taken into account. Humanity is ancient having forgotten our origins, indicating global devestation during a prior epoch. The result of the above paragraph is the biblical persecution of some of the tribes by others, resulting in todays global situation thinly veiled as politics and corporate economic warfare. A factor to be aware of is that in practise the criminal gene attracts mates more successfully than non criminals otherwise we would already as a species have bred out antisocial lines and criminal behaviour. For many of us this is a horrendous factor to face up to. The criminal elite who are the ones who do not get caught are increasingly recognised as atypical psychotic behavioural traits where the establishing of a network of positions of social power within the mainframe of society protect them from being caught their crimes while extending their ability to perform criminal activities, usually on larger scales. This is generally regarded as 'abuse of position of responsibility' or 'misuse of power'. Covering ones own and ones colleague's in the networks tracks from being caught is a glib evolutionary trait relied upon and perfected by these psychopaths. Definition of psychopath relating to the exploitation of and lack of empathy bond with other human beings as one of the major traits. Introduction of mandatory psychiatric and genetic screening for all roles within the hierarchy of social systems would relegate the ultimate position of power to the psychiatric testers. Establishing an automated computerised system for the same would relegate the ultimate position of power to the hackers. This has been proved repeatedly with high profile cases of political vote rigging, both by hand and by machine. In any case there is always a situation where the criminal elite can create network chains either from positions of authority or from the underground or both at once. A counterbalance involving both forms of psychiatric review would establish a culture where criminals adapt to the situation so as to evade all forms of testing. In practice, who-knows-who scenario's override any safety measures embedded within the system. The more successful method we have recognized at this time is long term observation by varied group response inclusive of discussion with candidates for any positions susceptible to misuse, with regular audit and peer review. This creates a situation where older more experienced individuals attain such positions of authority, and where it is almost impossible for unmonitored outsiders to break into the scene bringing required fresh stimulation to otherwise 'old girl' networks, quango's and power bases. Mandatory cycling of individuals through positions of power on short term contracts creates a situation where the entrenched positions are removed and therefore the invisible-networks can exploit statutory governed situations ('the state') more easily without being identified. To use a general phrase summarizing the situation in overview; this is why statesmen prefer non-travelers. The complaints procedure becomes essential to the bureaucracy that has emerged in todays society in the attempt to remedy the transience equation. Question; how else are individuals to gain broad-based experience and to recognise elements that need opening to questioning and board review? Advanced methods of genetic reprogramming inclusive of sonic therapies have not yet at this time in history been publicaly introduced into mainstream society awareness. The science research exists to prove that GMO does exactly this with negative consequence to lifeforms is contentious because the corporation funding it are also funding governments whose role is to decide whether to outlaw it or not. The problem is recognition by these groups that their own funders are corrupt and working toward an inhuman agenda, and that this is fact as proved by science and not a conspiracy theory to be ignored: itself proving the point about psychotic criminal quango's manipulating society. While the consequences of LFO and HFO utilised by omnipresent HAARP devices stimulating not only the metal particles in the skies from chemtrails but also the pineal glands of surface dwellers, continuously, in only just being recognised as requiring further research, the foundation for electronic mind control techniques is well documented and its working practices well established. We have a framework for recognition of the results of these technologies on individuals both as a healing tool (solfreggio frequencies) and as a weapon. Replacement of the 'imprisonment/punishment' with 'therapeutic healing' seems preferable for soft offenders as it is more humane. An expanded and interim class of 'suspended sentence' caste would benefit equally as well as any other group of genetically handicapped. The 'soap and dope' of bromide chemical from chemtrails affects everyone who breathes in saturated air. The principle of mind control of the masses is already full underway. The ethical argument regarding rfid chipping of citizens is only one aspect used to highlight the general concern about the surveillance culture we are increasingly heading into. rfid bracelets fitted with sonic pulse devices for dna healing therapies must be equated to the radio-frequencies called 'cellphone radiation' that are already polluting, and altering human dna, in this case for the negative given that research shows such electronic radiation to be bad for health. What we would then have is a criminal caste of soft offenders wearing the healing tools at no cost while the law abiders are not wearing the healing tools required to counteract the effects of background electronic radiation. Survival would depend on the getting caught for soft crimes in preference to struggling to purchase the same healing tools on the consumer work market. Social conditions therefore MUST be factored for while analysing dna in criminal profiling. This is a 21st century high-tech version of the difference between a thief caught stealing bread to feed starving children verses a thief caught robbing old ladies in the street so he can fund his/her drug habit or a person caught committing benefit fraud. We are dealing with the same age old issues dressed up in new scenario's. It is a wonder that humanity has not mastered its reaction to the same age old scenario's by now. Ethics therefore attempts inclusive of multiple perspective when defining appropriate outcome; at this time in history at least we do not have 'crime punishable by death regardless of reason'. We are emerging out of the age of reason into the age of emotional logic, into sympathy & empathy. These are Aquarian traits. The technology is largely communications based and will facilitate that ethos. first published on facebook 11.10.2012

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