Thursday, 11 October 2012

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Dialogue 1 
8.11.2012 I put in a formal complaint about my Genesis officer, and her boss just rang to tell me they're fast-tracking me through the system, getting me work placement and fudging paperwork to cover missed deadlines. Wow! The boss was nice she remembered I'd complained before so she took me seriously this time. I feel guilty for pressuring them. I mentioned neo-fem prejudice against males in my complaint and they've crapped themselves. It depends what my CRB check says and if they play hardball back at me about it, since it is discretionary. Next issue is childcare for my son on the days I have him unless I can sort it with his mam somehow to alter our rosta. 

11.11.2012 Had a meeting with Genesis today and the bottom line is NO. for er any excuse we can find and when that doesn't work its the other excuse. The previous phone-call was a joke. 

They're going to pay my petrol to send me to carmarthen to do art therapy instead and say they'll fund me to do childcare next year. If a group of men did this to a woman there would be an inquest. This is neo-feminism LOUD AND CLEAR men do NOT do childcare. The fact that there are equally as many women who are abusive as there are men is ignored because women are dominant, superior and in control. It is a big social problem because when men act like women act, they go to jail. I have to teach my son to survive in the world he lives in which means being honest about the world we live in.

What happens in my experience is what happened with the guy my ex left me for, claiming he was "more manly" (than me). He and three of his mates then identified a ringleader of what is locally described as 'a bitch pack' and they left her her dying gratuitously as a warning to society; they are now serving life sentences for it. This is how close I am to the male response to neo-fem manipulation in Wales where I live. Nobody wants that world, nobody. At least I have an art project theme for my art therapy course now. Highly executed art is preserved and promoted as social commentary for many generations especially when it creates powerful emotional response. 

Dialogue 2 
I had a meeting with genesis today, they are going to fund me to get involved with an art group in carmarthen for this year and then do the childcare course next year. Its really difficult for men to get into childcare. Its proved that women are equally as abusive as men but because women are controlling the industry they put men through hell. We now live in a society where mens liberation is necessary. Do you know the words mysandry or misogyny? 

I won't be coming into the lessons again this year. If men treated a woman this way there would be an inquest. I know that if I go to the Welsh Assembly causing trouble about this, I would end up sidelined and discredited by women running the show; so I have to play their game. There's a reason for everything even if we don't know what it is at the time. 

Dialogue 3 
I'm back on the childcare course (again) this week at least. The abuser-disguised-as-inept-or-possibly-so-inept-it-appears-as-abusive woman is off my back :) 

11.11.2012 In class yesterday, teacher discussing Trust with regard to confidentiality. The syllabus says; "you trust an authority figure for example a doctor because of their profession." I spoke up; "I disagree! You trust because of intuition. Someone doing a job does not automatically qualify trust!' 

I am having such trouble from the system because I am a man doing childcare. Extra red tape to put me off and delay until the deadline is gone. So there in a room full of women being indoctrinated to act without thinking and to reinforce the system over common sense -it is a male who raises the point that trust is instinct, it is not a given. 

Class then woke up and talked about malpractise, networks of abuse inherent in the system eg: google HOLLY GRAIG, the difference between what the tv says about julian assange/wikileaks to what free media says about it, etc. All the feminist material that women are intuitive and men are logical has just been proved to be a load of shit. 

So there is a reason I am in the class, even if the women running the show don't want me to be there! The teacher herself is lovely she's a common sense supporter too. Meeting with genesis; they are going to fund me to get involved with "arts for wellbeing" starting January instead so I have a better foundation in art therapy before they start me again on the childcare program next year. 

Additional Info: This comes after 6 months of asking, why do I need to pay myself to do a light crb check when Genesis pay for a full crb mandatory to do childcare? Doing a light crb check is pointless and nobody else on the course (all women) had to do a light crb check first. Why am I so special? I complained about my contact to her boss and her boss response was to ignore the complaint. Now I have missed the deadlines for this year, however the boss did finally admit that asking me to do a light crb check was pointless and she can see my point. I still have not received crb check results because now there is no need for them to be made, thus saving genesis 40quid. 

First published on a facebook group 11.11.2012 where over a hundred people read it. The comments cannot be re-posted here due to copyright however they were revealing.

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