Thursday, 11 October 2012


I was thinking what you said about your ex thinking you were his mam - that probably explains a lot more than you realize!I'll teach you 1-1 about it sometime, I can't explain emotional psychology by text message unless I'm doing emergency counseling because it takes a lot of focus time and energy.It has to do with attempting to fulfil emotional-mental needs, in and from intimate friends, as a continuity of our development while in the care of parents. The agenda of psychologists is to build a healthy community by helping individuals to achieve emotional-mental self reliance. Obviously everyone is interdependent to some extent because nobody is totally self-reliant, most people are naturally designed to be part of a tribe. There are 2 categories outside of that need for intimite trusting bonds; socio-paths (abusive predators) and socio-phobes (trauma victims). What good people are concerned about is their kids and friends falling into one of those two categories. This is why I am tribal, communist, community based in my approach.Your ex looks up to you for a sort of love that he does and can not get from his mother. Its totally normal. You look to him for a type of love that you cannot get from your dad. We have to face up to what in 'this society' (uk) are social-taboo issues, to deal with the truth of it. This is a rite of passage which in successful cultures where community prospers, they have ritualized. In uk the death of pagan rites destroyed that which is why segregated behind-closed-doors patterns are repeated generation after generation. Most people fall into specific patterns which is why it is easy to identify their stories from only a few key insights. That's what a lot of my training has been to do with. The problem in uk is how rife abuses are that they are accepted as normal problems when in fact they are abnormal in healthy tribes.An effective counselor is a guide of how to deal with facing the mirror of truth which is different for every person and every issue. What happens then is that instead of facing the mirror of truth and healing the issue, people turn away from meeting their own deeper gaze, and fall into a 'type'; society is categorized by so many 'types' - people need to pigeon-hole each other because not everyone has yet realized the truth of 'you are another me'. People who do not conform to stereotypes often confuse the people who require stereotypes in order to function. Such people seldom have the higher awareness based on empathy, because they are self centered, thus they are socio-phobic or socio-pathic to some extent. Usually both. Layered on top of this is 2 more levels of perception; actors who use stereotype not as an ego-identity but as a mask, and people who are Truth; these tend to be advanced spiritual guides, like in the movie you were watching, the mutant whose mutant power is to remove the other mutants mutant powers. It is believed that ability is only possible for an individual who has assimilated all of the other stereotypes. From here the study goes into transmigration because it takes a long time to go through so many experiences so as to be able to understand them.What spiritualists have to deal with is the same as the counselors but for dead people whose issues haven't been resolved so they haven't gone forward yet - and also those spirits who chose to stay behind to help the living.That's how I see humanity. And animal spirits etc too - the body is a vessel the spirits transmigrate. Why we come here is to deal with all these issues of self-awareness, so we can evolve!The big bang created a time and matter environment, the holodeck, for us to explore it all in. The spirit is 'god' but the environment is lucifer.Our spirits know we are bigger than the limits of culture and human perceptions, that's why we search so hard for ways to expand and fit into this environment, usually before we are ready to be trusted with that much power. Only by facing the mirror of truth - the gaze of the deepest heart - can we truly progress. That is a key to reading people. Also we cannot comprehend those who have seen further into truth, we can only comprehend our own limited scope, to get bigger insight we have to look deeper within. Its scary in there because the comfort of the familiar is the distraction of confusion; only when its a total void is it clean. Only then can you get a pure sight. This is why most healing is done in dream: working from the subconscious and not the conscious.the emotional-psychology aspect of all this is more intricate and case specific altho there are format blueprint stereotypes which much as it irks us, are accurate. The study of human emo-psyche is thousands of generations old its something we have got good at by now.It works best when we use but do not get confused about 'archetypes' which are teaching tools in stories.All of the above is human tradition. A sorcerer avoids dogma and therefore frequently denies tradition. It is necessary, and that brings us into a different teaching. I'm not going to text about that. Comments and conversation please. First published on facebook 1.7.2012

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