Monday, 15 October 2012

25 Generations On...

Gaia is holistic. Humans are tools of Gaia working to her agenda. Life will continue with or without humanity, we are doing this to improve human life and at the same time to remove toxins from the skin of Gaia that she doesn't want there any more. In 1000 years from now it will be irrelevant how polluted we are today. It might seem far away but people are still banging on about the message of christ twice as long ago as that. We are a blip, we are like ants incapable of comprehending the greater scheme or even that it is the will of the queen ant motivating our actions, because we see only trade, action, retail and increasingly, environmental consequence. Only once we have filtered the toxin and it has become energy in the soil for the plants that do thrive in it, once the slime on the ocean floors have soaked up the contaminant so the right sort of bacteria can convert it, will this planet be cleaner than ever before. We have a messy dirty job to do but it is necessary. Twenty-five generations from now - that is who we are working for. Our great-> descendants. Our children. Our Hope. Our future. And they will be tree herders and animal rearers. They will have technology that you and I cannot imagine nor believe in. They will have psychic abilities that we are only beginning to get a concept of. The future will be better, because of the dark age we are in, to create that world. As soon as one volcano erupts through an oil field, you will understand why we extract oil as fast as we can. Trust in Gaia, she has a better plan than we are aware of. And we are a part of it. Nothing of our world will remain by 25 generations from now except for some art and some species preserved by ourselves. We will all be forgotten, facebook, internet will be obsolete by then. So; study transmigration and past life memory awakening. It is more worthwhile than arguing against progress. first published on facebook 14.10.2012

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